Reasonable cause to believe definition

Reasonable cause to believe means, in light of all the surrounding facts and circumstances which are known, a reasonable person would believe, under those facts and circumstances, that an act, transaction, event, situation or condition exists, is occurring or has occurred.
Reasonable cause to believe means a collection of facts, knowledge or observations which tend to support or are consistent with the allegations and when viewed in light of the surrounding circumstances and the credibility of persons providing relevant information, would lead a reasonable person to conclude that a child has been abused or neglected.

Examples of Reasonable cause to believe in a sentence

Reasonable cause to believe or suspect that child abuse has occurred is sufficient.

Reasonable cause to believe means that the reporter, in making the report of abuse/neglect, acts with good faith intent, judged in light of all the circumstances then present.

Reasonable cause to believe a check is uncollectible requires the existence of facts that would cause a well-grounded belief in the mind of a reasonable per- son.

Reasonable cause to believe that a person has committed an offense exists when evidence or information which appears reliable discloses facts or circumstances which are collectively of such weight and persuasiveness as to convince a person of ordinary intelligence, judgment and experience that it is reasonably likely that such offense was committed and that such person committed it.

Basis: Reasonable cause to believe the employee has committed a crime for which a sentence of imprisonment may be imposed.

More Definitions of Reasonable cause to believe

Reasonable cause to believe means by a preponderance of the evidence; and
Reasonable cause to believe means the degree of proof that would cause a person of average caution to believe the evidence is reasonably trustworthy.
Reasonable cause to believe means it is probable that an incident of abuse, abandonment, neglect, or financial exploitation happened. Probable means that, based on evidence or information readily obtained from various sources, it is likely the incident occurred.
Reasonable cause to believe means that the allegation of abuse is such that a reasonable person could conclude that abuse has, in fact, occurred; certainty is not required. In certain situations, secondhand information may be enough, if it is from a reliable source.
Reasonable cause to believe means a mandated reporter thinks it is “probable” that an incident of abuse, abandonment, neglect, or financial exploitation happened; or, “a belief that the incident probably happened” based upon personal observation of the resident/victim, records, other people and various other sources of relevant information. (RCW 74.34.035)
Reasonable cause to believe means by the preponderance of the evidence;
Reasonable cause to believe means to have knowledge of facts which, although not amounting to direct knowledge, would cause a reasonable person, knowing the same facts, to reasonably conclude the same thing.