Registration Data Directory Services Sample Clauses

Registration Data Directory Services. Until ICANN requires a different protocol, Registry Operator will operate a WHOIS service available via port 43 in accordance with RFC 3912, and a web-­‐based Directory Service at <whois.nic.TLD> providing free public query-­‐based access to at least the following elements in the following format. ICANN reserves the right to specify alternative formats and protocols, and upon such specification, the Registry Operator will implement such alternative specification as soon as reasonably practicable. Registry Operator shall implement a new standard supporting access to domain name registration data (SAC 051) no later than one hundred thirty-­‐five (135) days after it is requested by ICANN if: 1) the IETF produces a standard (i.e., it is published, at least, as a Proposed Standard RFC as specified in RFC 2026); and 2) its implementation is commercially reasonable in the context of the overall operation of the registry.
Registration Data Directory Services. Registration Data Directory Services (or RDDS) refers to the collective of WHOIS (via port 43), WHOIS web-based directory service(s) and Registration Data Access Protocol (“RDAP”) services, as defined in this Appendix. Registry Operator shall offer public IPv6 and IPv4 transports for its RDDS. Registry Operator will operate a WHOIS service available via port 43 in accordance with RFC 3912 at, and a WHOIS web- based directory service at providing free public query- based access to the elements defined in this Appendix 5A.

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Registry Services “Registry Services” are, for purposes of the Agreement, defined as the following: (a) those services that are operations of the registry critical to the following tasks: the receipt of data from registrars concerning registrations of domain names and name servers; provision to registrars of status information relating to the zone servers for the TLD; dissemination of TLD zone files; operation of the registry DNS servers; and dissemination of contact and other information concerning domain name server registrations in the TLD as required by this Agreement; (b) other products or services that the Registry Operator is required to provide because of the establishment of a Consensus Policy as defined in Specification 1; (c) any other products or services that only a registry operator is capable of providing, by reason of its designation as the registry operator; and (d) material changes to any Registry Service within the scope of (a), (b) or (c) above.
Bulk Registration Data Access to Icann Periodic Access to Thin Registration Data. In order to verify and ensure the operational stability of Registry Services as well as to facilitate compliance checks on accredited registrars, Registry Operator will provide ICANN on a weekly basis (the day to be designated by ICANN) with up-to-date Registration Data as specified below. Data will include data committed as of 00:00:00 UTC on the day previous to the one designated for retrieval by ICANN.