Relating to definition

Relating to or “Related To” means pertaining in any way to, and is not limited to that which pertains exclusively to or primarily to.
Relating to or “concerning” means and includes pertaining to, referring to, or having as a subject matter, directly or indirectly, expressly or implied, the subject matter of the specific request.
Relating to as used herein means concerning, referring to, reflecting, regarding, describing, evidencing, or constituting.

Examples of Relating to in a sentence

Prohibition on Contracting with Entities Engaging in Certain Activities or Transactions Relating to Iran-Representation and Certifications.

See “Risk Factors — Risks Relating to Creditworthiness, Conflicts of Interest, Hedging Activities and Regulation of UBS — There are potential conflicts of interest between you and the Security Calculation Agent” in the prospectus supplement for a discussion of certain conflicts of interest which may arise with respect to the Security Calculation Agent.

Assumption of the Risk and Waiver of Liability Relating to Coronavirus/COVID-19 The novel coronavirus, COVID-19, has been declared a worldwide pandemic by the World Health Organization.

Alaska Historical Society Annual Meet 2012 An Overview of State Laws and Protocols Relating to the Discovery and Treatment of Human Remains in Alaska.

All laboratories performing blood lead testing on adults or children residing in New Hampshire shall comply with 42 CFR Part 493 Medicare, Medicaid and Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) Program Laboratory Requirements Relating to Quality Systems and Certain Personnel Qualifications, and, if applicable, He-P 808.

More Definitions of Relating to

Relating to means relating to, in connection with, arising under, arising out of, as a result of, as a consequence of, attributable to, and any other term commonly used and/or understood to reflect or describe a nexus and/or connection from one thing to another whether direct or indirect.
Relating to or “related to” means consisting of, reflecting, referring to, regarding, concerning, involving, evidencing, constituting, or having any legal, logical, evidential, or factual connection with (whether to support or to rebut) the subject matter designated in any paragraph of this request. A request for documents “relating to” a specified subject matter always shall include notes and memoranda (whenever prepared) relating to the subject matter of the request.
Relating to means in whole or in part constituting, containing, concerning, discussing, describing, embodying, analyzing, identifying, or stating.
Relating to means in any way comprising, describing, reflecting, embodying, contained in, referring to, connected with or pertaining or relating to, in whole or in part.
Relating to means pertaining in any way to, and is not limited to that which pertains exclusively to or primarily to. This definition applies to all tenses and forms of the wordrelate to,” including but not limited to, “relates to,” and “related to.”
Relating to. ’ means constituting, defining, containing, explaining, embodying, reflecting, identifying, stating, referring to, dealing with, or in any way pertaining to.
Relating to means discussing, describing, reflecting, referring, containing, analyzing, studying, reporting, commenting, evidencing, constituting, setting forth, considering, recommending, concerning, or pertaining to, in whole or in part.