Requests Sample Clauses

Requests. Whenever practicable, employees shall submit written requests for sick leave, on forms furnished by the Appointing Authority, in advance of the period of absence. When advance notice is not possible, employees shall notify their supervisor by telephone or other means at the earliest opportunity. Supervisors shall respond promptly and shall answer all written requests in writing. Written requests for sick leave shall only state which category of leave specified in Section 3A and B is to be used. However, the supervisor may orally inquire into the specific reason for the request.
Requests. (i) In connection with the funding of any Advance pursuant to Section 2.2(a), the Collateral Agent, each Agent and the Facility Agent shall have received the Advance Request for such Advance in accordance with Section 2.2(a), together with all items required to be delivered in connection therewith and (ii) in connection with any Reinvestment, the Collateral Agent, each Agent and the Facility Agent shall have received the Reinvestment Request for such Reinvestment in accordance with Section 8.3(b), together with all items required to be delivered in connection therewith;
Requests. Consultation shall be requested by either Party in writing, stating the reason for the meeting and the agenda or topic of consultation. Consultation requests by the Association shall be made to the Bureau of Employee Relations or to the appropriate agency by either the President, or designee, of the Association. Consultation requests by the Employer shall be made to the President of the Association.
Requests. Borrower may, by written notice to Agent (each, an “Incremental Facility Request”), request increases in the Revolver Commitment (each, an “Incremental Revolver Commitment” and the loans thereunder, “Incremental Revolving Loans”; each Incremental Revolver Commitment is sometimes referred to herein individually as an “Incremental Facility” and collectively as the “Incremental Facilities”) in Dollars in an aggregate amount not to exceed $20,000,000 for all such Incremental Facilities such that the aggregate Revolver Commitment will not exceed $50,000,000 at any time; provided that no commitment of any Lender shall be increased without the consent of such Lender. Such notice shall set forth (i) the amount of the Incremental Revolver Commitment being requested (which shall be in a minimum amount of $1,000,000 and multiples of $1,000,000 in excess thereof), and (ii) the date (an “Incremental Effective Date”) on which such Incremental Facility is requested to become effective (which, unless otherwise agreed by Agent, shall not be less than ten (10) Business Days nor more than sixty (60) days after the date of such notice).
Requests. Each request for a FX Transaction shall be made by telephone to the Bank's Treasury Department ("Request"), shall specify the Foreign Currency to be purchased or sold, the amount of such Foreign Currency and the Settlement Date. Each Request shall be communicated to the Bank no later than 3:00 p.m. California time on the Business Day on which the FX Transaction is requested.
Requests. Subject to the provisions of Section 3.6, at any time or from time to time as of the date hereof, Holders of not less than 25% of the then outstanding Registrable Securities shall have the right to make written requests that the Company effect up to six registrations under the Securities Act of all or part of the Registrable Securities of the Holders making such request, which requests shall specify the intended method of disposition thereof by such Holders, including whether the registration requested is for an underwritten offering. For a registration to be underwritten, a majority of the Holders requesting registration (as measured by ownership of Registrable Securities) must so request. The Company shall not be required to effect more than [six] registrations under this Section 3.1.
Requests. Requests shall be made by those persons purportedly authorized by any of the Account Parties. Issuer shall not be obligated to identify or confirm such persons beyond the use of the authorized name or code identification if any is established by Issuer or unless the Account Parties provide Issuer from time to time a written list of all such authorized representatives. All requests will be confirmed by Issuer in writing by sending the Account Parties a copy of the documents authorized or requested by the Account Parties. The Account Parties will promptly report all discrepancies in such documents upon their receipt of such confirmation. Issuer may, but shall not be obligated to, assign a unique code number or word and require such code to be used by the Account Parties, and thereafter all further requests shall refer to such code. Issuer shall not be liable for any loss which the Account Parties may incur as a result of Issuer’s compliance with any request in accordance with this Agreement even if unauthorized, provided that Issuer acted in good faith and exercised reasonable care.
Requests. The Administrative Agent shall have received either or both, as applicable, of a Borrowing Request or a Letter of Credit Request from the Borrower.
Requests. Requests for short-term leave will be made five (5) days in advance except in the case of emergencies. The request will be on a leave of absence request (PF 22) and will clearly state the reason for such request. Any special conditions or arrangements established by the administrator for a short-term leave will be in writing to the individual requesting the leave. All conditions established must be met to be eligible for the leave. Subd. 4. Approval: Short-term leave will be granted only in extraordinary circumstances and must be approved by Human Resources. It will only be approved if all vacation or personal days have been exhausted.
Requests. Any such request for compensation by a Bank under this Section 5.03 shall set forth the basis of calculation thereof and shall, in the absence of manifest error, be conclusive and binding for all purposes. In determining the amount of such compensation, such Bank may use any reasonable averaging and attribution methods.