Requirements for Registration Sample Clauses

Requirements for Registration. Crusader may not participate in any registration statement hereunder unless it completes and executes all questionnaires, powers of attorney, indemnities, underwriting agreements, and other documents reasonably required under the terms of such underwriting arrangements, including an opinion of its counsel; provided, however, that Crusader shall not be required to make any representations or warranties in connection with any such registration other than representations and warranties as to (i) Crusader’s ownership of its Registrable Securities to be sold or transferred free and clear of all liens, claims, and encumbrances, (ii) Crusader’s power and authority to effect such transfer, and (iii) such matters pertaining to compliance with securities laws as may be reasonably requested.
Requirements for Registration. Your valid mobile number in the application which will be mapped to your account number as a Payment Instrument to make Payment Transactions and pay fees and other obligations arising from your use of the Service. You must provide current, complete and accurate information and maintain it as current and accurate. Bank may require you to provide additional information as a condition of continued use of the Service, or to assist in determining whether to permit you to continue to use the Service. Bank in its sole and absolute discretion, may refuse to approve or may terminate existing registrations with or without cause or notice, other than any notice required by any applicable law, and not waived herein. By agreeing to these Terms of Service for Buyers, you represents that you are:
Requirements for Registration. Subject to the terms of this Agreement, Registrant may submit any of the following Qualified Material to OIX for Registration:
Requirements for Registration. As part of the renewal of the qualifications process, your Council has spent a significant period of time reviewing the wording of the qualifications regulation and providing both simplification and a more reasonable approach to registration in Manitoba. In particular, present conditional registration which is open to any graduate of any internationally accepted medical school will become much clearer. The important principle in any process for conditional registration will be the need for a Canadian assessment of competency prior to permitting an individual to enter practice.
Requirements for Registration. Such a securities association shall— "(A) be so organized and have the capacity to carry out the purposes of the securities laws applicable to security futures products and to comply, and (subject to any rule or order of the Commission pursuant to section 19(g)(2)) to enforce compliance by its members and persons associated with its members, with the provisions of the securities laws applicable to security futures products, the rules and regulations thereunder, and its rules;

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Requests for Registration At any time commencing six months after the closing of a public offering of the Company's Common Stock pursuant to a registration statement filed under the Securities Act, the holders of at least 40% of the Registrable Securities may request registration under the Securities Act of all or part of their Registrable Securities on Form S-1 or any similar or successor long-form registration ("Long-Form Registrations"), and the holders of at least 25% of the Registrable Securities may request registration under the Securities Act of all or part of their Registrable Securities on Form S-3 or any similar or successor short-form registration ("Short-Form Registrations"), if a Short-Form Registration is then available to the Company. Within twenty business days after receipt of any such request, the Company will give written notice of such requested registration to all other holders of Registrable Securities and will include in such registration all Registrable Securities with respect to which the Company has received written requests for inclusion therein within 15 days after the receipt of the Company's notice. All registrations requested pursuant to this paragraph 1(a) are referred to herein as "Demand Registrations".
Request for Registration Subject to the provisions of subsection 2.1.4 and Section 2.4 hereof, at any time and from time to time on or after the date the Company consummates the Business Combination, the Holders of at least a majority in interest of the then-outstanding number of Registrable Securities (the “Demanding Holders”) may make a written demand for Registration of all or part of their Registrable Securities, which written demand shall describe the amount and type of securities to be included in such Registration and the intended method(s) of distribution thereof (such written demand a “Demand Registration”). The Company shall, within ten (10) days of the Company’s receipt of the Demand Registration, notify, in writing, all other Holders of Registrable Securities of such demand, and each Holder of Registrable Securities who thereafter wishes to include all or a portion of such Holder’s Registrable Securities in a Registration pursuant to a Demand Registration (each such Holder that includes all or a portion of such Holder’s Registrable Securities in such Registration, a “Requesting Holder”) shall so notify the Company, in writing, within five (5) days after the receipt by the Holder of the notice from the Company. Upon receipt by the Company of any such written notification from a Requesting Holder(s) to the Company, such Requesting Holder(s) shall be entitled to have their Registrable Securities included in a Registration pursuant to a Demand Registration and the Company shall effect, as soon thereafter as practicable, but not more than forty five (45) days immediately after the Company’s receipt of the Demand Registration, the Registration of all Registrable Securities requested by the Demanding Holders and Requesting Holders pursuant to such Demand Registration. Under no circumstances shall the Company be obligated to effect more than an aggregate of three (3) Registrations pursuant to a Demand Registration under this subsection 2.1.1 with respect to any or all Registrable Securities; provided, however, that a Registration shall not be counted for such purposes unless a Form S-1 or any similar long-form registration statement that may be available at such time (“Form S-1”) has become effective and all of the Registrable Securities requested by the Requesting Holders to be registered on behalf of the Requesting Holders in such Form S-1 Registration have been sold, in accordance with Section 3.1 of this Agreement.
USER REGISTRATION You may be required to register with the Site. You agree to keep your password confidential and will be responsible for all use of your account and password. We reserve the right to remove, reclaim, or change a username you select if we determine, in our sole discretion, that such username is inappropriate, obscene, or otherwise objectionable.
INSTRUCTIONS FOR REGISTRATION OF STOCK Name ___________________________________________________________ (Please typewrite or print in block letters) Address _________________________________________________________ Signature __________________________________________________ ________________ ASSIGNMENT FORM FOR VALUE RECEIVED, ________________________________ hereby sells, assigns and transfers unto Name ____________________________________________________________ (Please typewrite or print in block letters) Address __________________________________________________________ the right to purchase Common Stock represented by this Warrant to the extent of _______ shares as to which such right is exercisable and does hereby irrevocably constitute and appoint ________________ Attorney, to transfer the same on the books of the Company with full power of substitution in the premises. Date ______________, 20__
Voter Registration When designated by the Secretary of State, the Contractor agrees to become a voter registration agency as defined by 17 V.S.A. §2103 (41), and to comply with the requirements of state and federal law pertaining to such agencies.
Pricing for Registry Services (a) With respect to initial domain name registrations, Registry Operator shall provide ICANN and each ICANN accredited registrar that has executed the registry-­‐registrar agreement for the TLD advance written notice of any price increase (including as a result of the elimination of any refunds, rebates, discounts, product tying or other programs which had the effect of reducing the price charged to registrars, unless such refunds, rebates, discounts, product tying or other programs are of a limited duration that is clearly and conspicuously disclosed to the registrar when offered) of no less than thirty (30) calendar days. Registry Operator shall offer registrars the option to obtain initial domain name registrations for periods of one (1) to ten (10) years at the discretion of the registrar, but no greater than ten (10) years.
Other Registrations If the Company has previously filed a registration statement with respect to Registrable Securities pursuant to Section 1 or pursuant to this Section 2, and if such previous registration has not been withdrawn or abandoned, the Company shall not file or cause to be effected any other registration of any of its equity securities or securities convertible or exchangeable into or exercisable for its equity securities under the Securities Act (except on Form S-8 or any successor form), whether on its own behalf or at the request of any holder or holders of such securities, until a period of at least 180 days has elapsed from the effective date of such previous registration.
SAFE Registration If any holder or record owner of any Equity Security of the Company (other than the Investors) (each, a “Security Holder”) is a “Domestic Resident” as defined in Circular 37 and is subject to the SAFE registration or reporting requirements under Circular 37, when such holder or record owner fails to complete the SAFE registration or reporting requirements under Circular 37, the Parties (other than the Investors) shall use their best efforts to promptly obtain a Power of Attorney in the form attached hereto as Exhibit A from such Security Holder, and shall use their best efforts to cause the designated representative under such Power of Attorney to, as soon as practicable, take such actions and execute such instruments on behalf of such Security Holder to comply with the applicable SAFE registration or reporting requirements under SAFE Rules and Regulations.
Charges for Registration, Transfer and Exchange For each Debenture exchanged, registered, transferred or discharged from registration, the Trustee or other registrar, except as otherwise herein provided, may make a reasonable charge for its services and in addition may charge a reasonable sum for each new Debenture issued (such amounts to be agreed upon from time to time by the Trustee and the Corporation), and payment of such charges and reimbursement of the Trustee or other registrar for any stamp taxes or governmental or other charges required to be paid shall be made by the party requesting such exchange, registration, transfer or discharge from registration as a condition precedent thereto. Notwithstanding the foregoing provisions, no charge shall be made to a Debentureholder hereunder:
Maintenance of Offices or Agencies for Registration of Transfer, Exchange and Payment of Debt Securities The Company will maintain in each Place of Payment for any series of Debt Securities an office or agency where Debt Securities of such series may be presented or surrendered for payment, and it shall also maintain (in or outside such Place of Payment) an office or agency where Debt Securities of such series may be surrendered for transfer or exchange and where notices and demands to or upon the Company in respect of the Debt Securities of such series and this Indenture may be served. The Company will give prompt written notice to the Trustee of the location, and any change in the location, of such office or agency. If at any time the Company shall fail to maintain any such required office or agency or shall fail to furnish the Trustee with the address thereof, such presentations, surrenders, notices and demands may be made or served at the office of the Trustee where its corporate trust business is principally administered in the United States, and the Company hereby appoints the Trustee as its agent to receive all presentations, surrenders, notices and demands. The Company may also from time to time designate different or additional offices or agencies to be maintained for such purposes (in or outside of such Place of Payment), and may from time to time rescind any such designation; provided, however, that no such designation or rescission shall in any manner relieve the Company of its obligations described in the preceding paragraph. The Company will give prompt written notice to the Trustee of any such additional designation or rescission of designation and any change in the location of any such different or additional office or agency.