Restrictive Covenants Sample Clauses

Restrictive Covenants. The Indenture contains certain covenants that, among other things, limit the ability of the Issuer and its Restricted Subsidiaries to make restricted payments, to incur indebtedness, to create liens, to sell assets, to permit restrictions on dividends and other payments by Restricted Subsidiaries of the Issuer, to consolidate, merge or sell all or substantially all of its assets or to engage in transactions with affiliates. The limitations are subject to a number of important qualifications and exceptions. The Issuer must annually report to the Trustee on compliance with such limitations and other provisions in the Indenture.
Restrictive Covenants. Employee acknowledges and agrees that (A) the agreements and covenants contained in this Section 10 are (i) reasonable and valid in geographical and temporal scope and in all other respects, and (ii) essential to protect the value of the Company’s business and assets, and (B) by his employment with the Company, Employee will obtain knowledge, contacts, know-how, training and experience and there is a substantial probability that such knowledge, know-how, contacts, training and experience could be used to the substantial advantage of a competitor of the Company and to the Company’s substantial detriment. For purposes of this Section 10, references to the Company shall be deemed to include its subsidiaries.
Restrictive Covenants. Each of the Company and Executive agrees that the Executive will have a prominent role in the management of the business, and the development of the goodwill of the Company and its Affiliates, and will establish and develop relations and contacts with the principal franchisees, customers and suppliers of the Company and its Affiliates throughout the world, all of which constitute valuable goodwill of, and could be used by Executive to compete unfairly with, the Company and its Affiliates. In addition, Executive recognizes that Executive will have access to and become familiar with or be exposed to Confidential Information (as such term is defined below), in particular, trade secrets, proprietary information, customer lists, and other valuable business information of the Company pertaining or related to the quick service restaurant business. Executive agrees that Executive could cause grave harm to the Company if Executive, among other things, worked for the Company’s competitors, solicited the Company’s employees away from the Company or solicited the Company’s franchisees upon the termination of Executive’s employment with the Company or misappropriated or divulged the Company’s Confidential Information, and that as such, the Company has legitimate business interests in protecting its goodwill and Confidential Information, and these legitimate business interests therefore justify the following restrictive covenants:
Restrictive Covenants. In consideration for (i) the Company's promise to provide Confidential Information to the Executive, (ii) the substantial economic investment made by the Company in the Confidential Information and goodwill of the Company, and/or the business opportunities disclosed or entrusted to the Executive, (iii) access to the Company's customers and clients, and (iv) the Company's employment of the Executive pursuant to the Agreement and the compensation and other benefits provided by the Company to the Executive, to protect the Company's Confidential Information and business goodwill of the Company, the Executive agrees to the following restrictive covenants.
Restrictive Covenants. The Executive acknowledges and agrees that: (i) the Executive has a major responsibility for the operation, development and growth of the Corporation's business; (ii) the Executive's work for the Corporation has brought him and will continue to bring him into close contact with confidential information of the Corporation, Thane and each of their respective customers; and (iii) the agreements and covenants contained in this paragraph 4 and in the Merger Agreement are essential to protect the business interests of the Corporation and Thane and that the Corporation and Thane would not enter into the Employment Agreement but for such agreements and covenants. Accordingly, the Executive covenants and agrees to the following:
Restrictive Covenants. Section 6 of the Employment Agreement (entitled “Restrictive Covenants”), shall continue in full force and effect as if fully restated herein.
Restrictive Covenants. Executive acknowledges that the restrictive covenants contained in Section 6 of the Agreement will survive the termination of his employment. Executive affirms that those restrictive covenants are reasonable and necessary to protect the legitimate interests of the Company, that he received adequate consideration in exchange for agreeing to those restrictions and that he will abide by those restrictions.