Result Sample Clauses

Result. Effective as of the second anniversary of the Commencement Date, the term of the Agreement is extended 12 months, so that it will expire on the fourth anniversary of the Commencement Date unless further extended in accordance with the provisions of Paragraph 2 of the Agreement.
Result. Based on the special Change of Control vesting schedule, the proportion of the total shares subject to the option (irrespective of any prior exercise) is determined as follows: Total Shares subject to option Change of Control Vesting Fraction 100 20 + 10 = 60 shares Since 20 shares have already vested, an additional 40 shares of the original 100 shares would become vested upon the Change of Control.
Result. A. The capital accounts in AREP Oil & Gas are as follows: (i) AREH, $920; and (ii) IPO Co., $460. Following $250 distribution to AREH, AREH’s capital account is reduced to $670.
Result. Stock held in IPO Co. would be as follows: (i) AREH, 25,050,001 common; (ii) NEG public holders, 24,949,999 common; and (iii) AREH, 1 Class B Common. Assumptions for IPO IPO Co. raises $380 and contributes this amount to AREP Oil & Gas and issues 232,485,878 shares of common stock to its new public stockholders (the “New Holders”).
Result. Having been defined the conditions, the results of the commercialization and distribution of the Viscachani products within the territories agreed upon with "TESORO", whether, there are profits or loses, such will be to the benefit or loss of "TESORO".
Result. The result of the activity will be a study including comprehensive data and proposed solutions for charging use cases for consumers and B2B. It shall include business models for CPOs, EMSPs, and green transportation service providers, taking into consideration established policy mechanisms for meeting EU and urban policy objectives for de- carbonizing transport as well as detailed functionalities for infrastructure and applications. Results of this activity will be used as an input for Activity 2, Activity 3 and Activity 4, while interim findings from those Activities will be used for on-going adjustments/adaptations of Activity 1. Deliverables - Urban Policy Study Interim Report & Final Report
Result. 55. A serious matter has been raised as to whether there was an issue as to times and whether there was a failure to follow the accused’s instructions. That serious issue having been raised, the next issue is whether it is supported by credible evidence. A contest of a stark nature has been joined on this. No appellate court could assess that issue of whether there was any failure to follow a central factual instruction without hearing oral evidence. On the resolution of the credibility of that oral evidence for the prosecution and the defence, the next issue is whether on whatever evidence, if any, an appellate court finds to be credible, a case has been made out by the accused that there has been that degree of incompetence of representation as to amount to a denial of the right of an accused to a trial in due course of law under Article 38.1 of the Constitution.
Result i. Each product line will show all costs relevant for their business, i.e., including a proportional share of costs generated by Infineon CSPs.