Results Sample Clauses

Results. There shall be no appreciable impairment of the gridded area. Impairments at the intersections between squares or at the edges of the cuts shall be permitted, provided that the impaired area does not exceed 15 per cent of the gridded surface.
Results. ‌ All milk test results are generally available within 48 hours from collection via the following, except in exceptional circumstances:  SMS, email and fax  Milkline website on: Members are reminded that the tanker docket system may not always be available, and it is recommended that they use one of the methods above for regular results retrieval. The SMS, email and fax system is designed to notify you immediately when your results become available and is the most efficient way of getting your results. Please contact your local DFMC RM or LDD FDO to ensure you are registered on this system. 5 ANIMAL WELFARE AND‌
Results. Company does not undertake that the Study shall lead to any particular result, nor is the success of the Study guaranteed. Neither Party shall be liable for any use that the other Party may make of the Clinical Data nor for advice or information given in connection therewith.
Results. The five values obtained shall be arranged in order and the median value taken as the result of the measurement. This value shall be expressed in Newton per centimetre of width of the tape. Annex 7 Minimum requirements for conformity of production control procedure
Results. All data generated by Siemens or its employees, agents, consultants, or other representatives in the course of performing the Laboratory Services, whether in written, graphic or electronic form or contained in any computer database or in any computer readable form (collectively, the “Results”), will be co-owned by Tocagen and Siemens. Siemens shall record, or cause to be recorded, all Results in a timely, accurate and complete manner. All Results collected shall be delivered to Tocagen by Siemens in a timely manner throughout the performance of Laboratory Services. Subject to Section 8 hereof, Tocagen shall have the right to review, publish, disclose and use any Results as Tocagen, in its sole discretion, deems appropriate, including, without limitation, in submission to the FDA or any foreign regulatory authority. Subject to Section 8 hereof, Siemens shall have the right to use any Results in submission to the FDA with respect to any Designated Assay as contemplated by the Trial Development Plan and the Commercial Development Plan or as otherwise mutually agreed by the Parties in writing. Any copyrightable work created in connection with the performance of the Services and contained in or relating to the Results will be considered a work made for hire, whether published or unpublished, and all rights therein will be the joint property of Tocagen and Siemens as co-authors and co-owners of copyright in such work.
Results a. Any test revealing:
Results. The deceleration rate shall be taken as the average of the readings on the two decelerometers.
Results. Customer will provide Sabre copies and results of each audit. The Parties will review the results of an audit, will identify all relevant audit issues and will determine (i) what, if any, actions will be taken in response to such audit issues, and (ii) which Party will be responsible for the cost of taking the actions necessary to resolve such issues.