Resume Sample Clauses

Resume. The employee selecting the Alternative Position Placement Option shall have five (5) working days to prepare and submit a current resume for interdepartmental distribution. Assistance in resume preparation may be requested from District’s Human Resources Department staff or a consultant selected by the District. If no resume is submitted or if the employee is not interested in the Placement Option, this procedure shall move directly to Subsection D.7 as if all responses were negative.
Resume. A current and detailed resume in the format approved by Citizens, annually by April 15th and within thirty (30) calendar days of the Effective Date or as otherwise directed by Citizens. Each detailed resume shall include at minimum, the Adjuster’s principal location of residence, prior adjusting experience and relevant work history with dates of employment, and any certifications or related training. The resume shall substantiate the Adjuster’s property loss adjusting experience and match the information inputted by Vendor for the Adjuster under the qualifications section within Citizens’ systems.
Resume. The statements in Executive's resume previously provided to ------ the Company are true and correct. 3.7 Each of the covenants and representations in this Article III is given by Executive as part of the consideration for this Agreement and as an inducement to the Company to enter into this Agreement and to accept the obligations hereunder.
Resume. For each Staff Reviewer, a detailed resume that includes, at a minimum, the principal location of residence, and relevant water mitigation and/or mold remediation work history with dates, certifications and related training. The resume should substantiate water mitigation and/or mold remediation work experience and match information provided by Vendor. Due within thirty (30) days of the execution of this Agreement, and due biennially hereafter as detailed in Section 3.9.3.
Resume. The Marks may be used on your personal resume, provided:
Resume. The accepted application format for vacancies located at activities serviced by the Department of the Navy. Resumes must include all required supplemental information. The Navy’s On-Line Resume Builder or Job Kit lists supplemental information required.
Resume. 29.12 The resume shall be a summary document specifying each candidate’s educational, work and community involvement.
Resume. At the time the candidate makes application to participate in the Captain promotional process, the candidate shall submit a resume with written supporting documentation along with the application. This resume shall document the candidate’s satisfaction of the eligibility requirements stated in Section 22.2 above. This resume shall include documentation (e.g., transcripts, certifications, etc.) and must be submitted within two (2) weeks of announcement of the Captain promotional process.