Revise or Replace?

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When to Correct and When to Start Over

A bad contract can waste everyone’s time, but when is a contract bad enough to toss out the window?

In Revise or Replace?, author William Peacock breaks down practical considerations for cleaning up a contract versus starting over.

William asks important questions like:

  • Do you have enough bargaining power to expect a do over?
  • How can you help the other side feel excited about starting from scratch?
  • Are you really impacting substance or just nitpicking style?

Not only that, Willie shares his top 4 tools for cleaning up bad contracts. By speeding up the drafting process, you can strengthen your hand in requesting a new pass.

Don’t waste another minute debating the other side’s clumsy contract—download your copy of Revise or Replace? today.

Download the ebook Revise or Replace? by William Peacock


Mike Whelan
Mike Whelan
CEO @Lawyer Forward

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