Revoke definition

Revoke or "revocation" means that the document or privilege revoked is not subject to renewal or
Revoke means to void permanently all rights and privileges of the holder of a license issued under Ohio R.C. 2915.08, 2915.081, or 2915.082 or a charitable gaming license issued by another jurisdiction.
Revoke or "revocation" means disciplinary action by the Division extinguishing a license.

Examples of Revoke in a sentence

Revoke article 567 from the Penal Code and remove any discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation from all other laws and policies (Hungary); Source of position: A/HRC/23/2 - Para.

Revoke the approval of any program or the approval of degree-granting or distance education status and require a teach-out plan, which may also include the requirement of a teach-out agreement with another qualified institution as deemed appropriate by the Commission, for all enrolled students.

Transactions should be disclosed on incremental basis after the earlier transaction crossed the prescribed threshold limit.b. Transactions relating to dealing in equity shares of the Company by way of Pledge / Revoke/ Invoke, etc.

More Definitions of Revoke

Revoke means to void or annul by recalling or withdrawing a license issued under Iowa Code chapter 137C, 137D or 137F. The entire application process, including the payment of applicable license fees, must be repeated to regain a valid license following a revocation.
Revoke or "revocation" means that the document or privilege revoked is not subject to renewal or restoration except through reapplication after the expiration of the period of revocation.
Revoke means to cancel the verification status of a diesel emission control strategy. If a diesel emission control strategy’s verification status is revoked by the Executive Officer, the applicant must immediately cease and desist selling the diesel emission control strategy to end-users.
Revoke means to take action against a license rendering such license void and such license shall not be reissued. "Revoke" is an action that is permanent against the licensee.
Revoke means to permanently annul, repeal, rescind, countermand, or abrogate a Grade A permit issued by the State Regulatory Authority.
Revoke means to rescind approval of a previous action.
Revoke means to terminate all rights or privileges under a mobile food vending permit for a period not to exceed ninety (90) days after which the individual must reapply for a permit.