Sabotage Sample Clauses

Sabotage. The Union agrees to report to the Company when it has knowledge of any acts of sabotage or damage to or the unauthorized or unlawful taking of Company, Government, customer or any other person's or employee's property. The Union further agrees, if any such acts occur, to use its best efforts in assisting to identify the guilty person or persons and notify the Company of its investigation.
Sabotage. 13. Interfering with another employee’s performance of his/her job.
Sabotage. 48 13. Refusal to follow instructions of supervisor.
Sabotage. 4) Violation of safety rules.
Sabotage. 13. Glass Damage (does not cover inventory stock)
Sabotage. (d) Accident;
Sabotage d) Violation of safety rules.
Sabotage. An employee is guilty of sabotage if he/she deliberately interferes with any machinery, equipment or resource with the intention of disrupting production, spoiling products or causing loss to the employer.