Satisfactory Sample Clauses

Satisfactory. In the case of a re-evaluation report of “satisfactory,” the employee will be retained within the hiring pool.
Satisfactory. All documentation and proceedings deemed by Lender or Lender's Counsel to be necessary or required in connection herewith and the documents relating hereto shall be subject to the prior approval of, and satisfactory to, both of them as to form and substance. In addition, the persons or parties responsible for the execution and delivery of, and signatories to, all of such documentation, shall be acceptable to, and subject to the approval of, Lender and Lender's Counsel. Lender or Lender's Counsel shall receive copies, certified if requested by either of them, of all documents which they may require in connection with the transactions contemplated hereby.
Satisfactory. This rating indicates that the performance of the evaluatee is average to excellent. A satisfactory rating may note less-than-serious deficiencies and/or include recommendations that do not merit a rating of needs improvement or unsatisfactory.
Satisfactory. The desired outcome shall be justification for deciding that the staff member’s performance be judged as satisfactory.
Satisfactory. If the overall evaluation report rating is Satisfactory, the evaluatee will be scheduled for another evaluation in three years, pursuant to 9.B.1
Satisfactory. The Trustee and the Company may assume that such ownership of any Bearer Security continues until (1) another certificate or affidavit bearing a later date issued in respect of the same Bearer Security is produced, or (2) such Bearer Security is produced to the Trustee by some other Person, or (3) such Bearer Security is surrendered in exchange for a Registered Security, or (4) such Bearer Security is no longer Outstanding. The principal amount and serial numbers of Bearer Securities held by any Person, and the date of holding the same, may also be proved in any other manner which the Trustee deems sufficient.
Satisfactory. The committee chairperson shall review the various documents pertaining to the evaluation including Preliminary Evaluation Reports, Student Evaluation and Self-Evaluation. If there are no major negative judgments, the committee chairperson shall complete the Summary Evaluation Report and submit it to the vice president for instruction with all supporting documents. After administrative review the Summary Evaluation Report shall be signed by the vice president for instruction and returned to the committee chairperson for review with the employee. A copy of the Summary Evaluation Report shall be given to the employee at the Summary Evaluation Conference. A copy of the Summary Evaluation Report together with a copy of each supporting document shall be submitted to the vice president for instruction and the dean of human resources.
Satisfactory. Employee in this area should be at least meeting all of the minimum job requirements in a manner indicating full understanding of all position functions and should be performing the job in a consistent manner which is satisfactory to the supervisor. This is a good rating and probably will be the most commonly marked area since it represents by far the typical employee’s performance.