SERVICE OFFERING. MP will include in the MP Areas substantially similar Services and other Content (including, without limitation, any features, offers, contests, functionality or technology) that are then made available by or on behalf of MP through any Additional MP Channel, except to the extent any such Services or other Content are (i) subject to exclusive, proprietary or other preferential obligations in favor of third parties and such obligations cannot be reasonably duplicated for ICQ or for which generally comparable benefits for ICQ Users cannot be provided for ICQ, or (ii) are otherwise prohibited from inclusion in the MP Areas pursuant to this Agreement; provided, however, that (i) such inclusion will not be required where it is commercially or technically impractical to either Party (i.e., inclusion would cause either Party to incur substantial incremental costs or cause a breach of another agreement); and (ii) the specific changes in scope, nature and/or offerings required by such inclusion will be subject to the terms of this Agreement.
SERVICE OFFERING. 1.1 The purpose of the collaboration is to facilitate the provision by the Parties of a combined upstream service offerings, to include those services listed in Schedule 1 (the “Services”), providing a streamlined, integrated offering to the respective clients of the Parties.
SERVICE OFFERING. 1.1 The purpose of the collaboration would be to facilitate the provision by the Parties of a combined upstream service offering portfolio, to include those oil field services to be agreed in the definitive agreement, and to provide a streamlined service which focuses on delivery to smaller and mid-sized oil companies.
SERVICE OFFERING. Pursuant to the terms and conditions of this Addendum and the Agreement, you hereby agree to purchase and we hereby agree to provide the Return Mail Service. You hereby grant to us (or our vendor) the authority to process and redistribute documents that are returned to us (or our vendor) via our Return Mail Service. The Return Mail Service consists of the receipt and data harvesting of any document identified as being undeliverable. We agree to provide reporting of the results of the Return Mail Service.
SERVICE OFFERING. Hours of Operation Excluding legal holidays, COUNTY’s Electronic Recording System will be open for business Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Eastern Time. Documents may be submitted at any time during the week. Documents will only be processed on those days and hours that COUNTY is open to the public for business. If a document is received by 2:00 pm, it will be processed the same business day. Any document received after 2:00 pm is not guaranteed to be processed the same business day. Documents will not be processed on COUNTY holidays, weekends, etc., or in the event of network or equipment failure. Alternative Delivery Options There are no other electronic delivery options at this time. Return-To Options Confirmation of acceptance and recordation will be provided to SUBMITTER in electronic format after recordation is complete. This confirmation will include the document image and COUNTY indexing data, including a receipt for fees paid. Submitted documents that are rejected will be returned to SUBMITTER in electronic format after rejection, along with a description of the reason(s) for rejection.
SERVICE OFFERING. The RCV Service is a cloud storage service, hosted in Rubrik’s tenant of Microsoft Azure (“Azure”), where Customer may store Customer data (“RCV Data”) as described in the applicable Documentation for the term of its purchased subscription (“Subscription Term”) in line with the Capacity Entitlement (defined in Section 3.3) as set forth in an applicable Order.
SERVICE OFFERING. The County of Hidalgo will make available to its employees, as a payroll deduction benefit, the Air Evac Lifeteam Membership, Membership Terms and Conditions as outlined in Appendix A. Air Evac Lifeteam will notify the designated county representative in writing of any changes to the cost and / or the Terms and Conditions of the membership benefits thirty (30) days prior to the changes taking place.
SERVICE OFFERING. Pursuant to the terms and conditions of this Addendum and the Agreement, you hereby agree to purchase and we hereby agree to provide the Lockbox Service which consists of: (a) receipt of mail at our vendor’s Post Office Box (the “PO Box”); (b) the opening of and imaging of the contents of each mailpiece; (c) compilation of information from the mailpieces into electronic files; (d) processing of received payments through your designated accounts; and (e) creation and delivery of a posting file of all payments received (the “Lockbox Service”). You hereby grant to us and our vendor the authority to receive, process and distribute documents that are received via the Lockbox Service.
SERVICE OFFERING. ICON Cloud Solutions (“ICS”) may offer hosted voice and application services ("Service") and/or equipment and other professional services as part of this Service Agreement. The Service Offering is provided on a monthly per user recurring cost basis for each individual user of the Service. Equipment and other professional services may be offered as a one-time fee or on a monthly fee schedule as detailed in the Service Order. ICS will provide the underlying Services during the Service Term including cloud host configuration, installation, testing, initial customer training and ongoing host maintenance.
SERVICE OFFERING. The Charter School reserves the right to offer Pre-kindergarten services for three and four year old students to include a fee-for-service model. The Charter School is committed to the inclusion of a Pre-kindergarten program as a part of the regular school program. Early learning opportunities for children and their families will be developed to provide a strong foundation for academic learning and individual self-esteem.