Shortages Sample Clauses

Shortages. 1. No employee may be required to make up cash register shortages unless he is given the privilege of checking the change and daily receipts upon starting and completing the work shift and unless the employee has exclusive access to the cash register during the work shift, except as specified below.
Shortages. Claims for shortages in the amount of Products shipped by Patheon shall be dealt with as may reasonably be agreed to by the parties.
Shortages. BMS shall provide the Recipient with prompt notice of any Manufacturing and supply issues with respect to the BMS Study Drug that may adversely impact the conduct or timelines of the Combined Therapy Clinical Trial. In the event of a supply interruption or shortage of BMS Study Drug as determined by BMS pursuant to its internal processes and policies (a “Shortage”), such that BMS reasonably believes that it will not be able to fulfill its supply obligations under this Agreement, BMS will provide prompt written notice thereof to the Recipient (including the quantity of BMS Study Drug that BMS reasonably estimates it will be able to supply) and, upon request, the Parties will promptly discuss such situation (including how the quantities of BMS Study Drug that BMS is able to supply under this *CONFIDENTIAL TREATMENT REQUESTED. Agreement will be allocated within the Combined Therapy Clinical Trial). Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein, in the event of a Shortage of the BMS Study Drug, BMS will have sole discretion, subject to Applicable Law, to determine the quantity of BMS Study Drug it will be able to supply as a result of such Shortage; provided, however, that BMS shall consider in good faith the needs of patients who are actively being treated with BMS Study Drug, including Combined Therapy Clinical Trial patients, in making such determination. BMS will not be deemed to be in breach of this Agreement for failure to supply any other quantities of BMS Study Drug hereunder as a result of a Shortage. Any such allocation of the BMS Study Drug in accordance with this Section 4.5 will be the Recipient’s exclusive remedy with respect to a Shortage.
Shortages. Elan agrees that it will use commercially reasonable efforts to prevent an interruption of supply to Acorda and shall immediately notify Acorda of any problems or unusual production situations which may adversely affect production or quality of Product or its Specifications or its timely delivery to Acorda or its designee. If, at any time during the term of this Agreement, Elan becomes aware that it will not be able to satisfy Acorda’s forecasts or ordered requirements for Product, then Elan shall: (i) give Acorda prompt notice thereof, (ii) take all commercially reasonable steps to enable Acorda to procure adequate quantities of Product from the Second Source in accordance with the applicable provisions of Clause 7 and (iii) if such inability is partial, Elan shall fulfill firm orders with such quantities of Product as are available. and shall continue to use its commercially reasonable efforts to fulfill orders on a timely basis.
Shortages. SYSCO and each Primary Distributor acknowledge that the designation of a SYSCO operating Company as a Primary Distributor limits the circumstances in which ARAMARK and participating ARAMARK Component will purchase from alternate suppliers. SYSCO, therefore, guarantees that each Primary Distributor will supply each participating ARAMARK Component with its entire order if product is available in the marketplace, provided that the participating ARAMARK Component's order is placed using a skip day ordering procedure.
Shortages. You must have a sufficient balance of funds on the Card at the time of a transaction in order to perform the transaction. If you attempt a Card transaction for an amount that is greater than the available balance on your Card, we have no obligation to approve that transaction, even if we previously have approved other insufficient funds transactions. In the event that we, in our sole discretion, settle or pay a transaction with your Card when there are insufficient funds stored on the Card to pay for the transactions, this will result in a negative funds balance on your Card. You agree to immediately pay us the amount of the negative funds balance without further demand by us, subject to the requirements of applicable law or regulation. We may deduct the amount of the negative balance from any funds loaded on to your Card, subject to the requirements of applicable law or regulation.
Shortages. In the event that the materials and/or Manufacturing capacity required to Manufacture and deliver Units of Product to Sobi in a timely manner are in short supply, Auxilium shall notify Sobi of such shortage and, the Parties shall promptly meet to discuss the shortage. Auxilium shall provide a written plan of action stating in reasonable detail the root cause of the shortage and proposed measures to remedy the shortage and the date such shortage is expected to end. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein, the situation where the commercial success of the Finished Product in the Territory is the reason for such shortage (which situation is addressed in Section 7.6.2) shall not constitute a “shortage” or mean that Auxilium is “unable to supply” for purposes of this Section 7.11 (provided, that Auxilium is using Commercially Reasonable Efforts to supply all of Sobi’s Purchase Orders in accordance with this Agreement. Auxilium shall use its Commercially Reasonable Efforts to minimize the duration of any shortage. During any such shortage, Auxilium shall allocate the materials and resources used in the supply of Units of Product between Auxilium (and any other Third Parties), on the one hand, and Sobi, on the other hand (subject to pre-existing obligations to Third Parties), in an appropriate and commercially reasonable manner.
Shortages. Adolor shall give GSK written notice as soon as reasonably --------- practicable if Adolor becomes aware that its Product Suppliers will not be able to substantially satisfy the Parties' requirements for API Compound, and the Parties shall give each other written notice as soon as reasonably practicable if either Party becomes aware that its Product Suppliers will not be able to substantially satisfy the Parties' requirements for formulated Collaboration Products, for whatever reason. In the event that there is a failure to substantially satisfy the Parties' requirements of API Compound or formulated Collaboration Product, provided that such requirements cannot be satisfied by the Parties' inventories of API Compound or formulated Collaboration Product, and additionally provided that such failure will or does result in an interruption of supply of Collaboration Products to the commercial market, then GSK and Adolor will immediately work together, in good faith, to identify an appropriate alternative source of API Compound or formulated Collaboration Products supply, provided that:
Shortages. Under FOB shipping point terms, title of material passes to the distributor when Hubbell delivers the material to its carrier. It is the distributor's responsibility to resolve shortage claims with the carrier. B. Payment Responsibility: Any claim against Hubbell does not alter the distributor's responsibility to pay invoices when due. ACME ELECTRIC RACO TAYMAC BELL WIEGMANN Wiegmann requires five (5) business days' notice to insure a cancellation. All costs incurred directly and/or indirectly to date of cancellation will be charged when an order is cancelled. Orders for specials, or standard goods in quantities larger than normal inventory, may NOT be cancelled once order is placed in production. Orders for specials, made to order goods ( not stocked) or standard goods in quantities larger than normal inventory, may NOT be cancelled once order is placed in production. CANCELLATION TAXES Published or quoted prices do not include sales, excise, use, or similar taxes. The Purchaser must pay applicable taxes. SHIPPING DATE AND DELIVERY EVERY EFFORT WILL BE MADE TO FILL ORDERS WITHIN THE TIME STATED. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL HUBBELL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR OR SHALL THE PURCHASER(S) BE ENTITLED TO CONSEQUENTIAL, INDIRECT OR SPECIAL DAMAGES ARISING OUT OF OR OWING TO ANY DELAYS IN DELIVERY OR FOR CAUSES BEYOND HUBBELL'S CONTROL. Shipping date and delivery specified are subject to any priorities or allocations necessitated by government orders or regulations, and time and manner of delivery are subject to any delay on the part of the Purchaser(s) in supplying necessary data, or by any changes in data at the Purchaser(s) insistence, and/or to delays caused by fire, floods, strikes, lock outs, riots, war, breakdowns, priorities or embargoes, accidents, civil or military authority, shortages of labor, delay in suppliers (or supplies) of materials, difficulty in obtaining raw materials, and any other cause beyond Hubbell's control. Delay in delivery for any of the aforementioned causes shall proportionately extend the time of delivery hereunder. Hubbell shall be compensated for any and all extra costs and expenses occasioned by delays attributed to the Purchaser(s). Orders, not based on a written, firm price quotation, marked "Hold for Release" or "Hold for Approval", will not be processed for manufacture until approval and/or release date is provided. Quoted delivery time(s) become applicable from such approval and/or release date. Orders not released for shipment wit...