Special Services Sample Clauses

Special Services. Should the Trust have occasion to request the Adviser to perform services not herein contemplated or to request the Adviser to arrange for the services of others, the Adviser will act for the Trust on behalf of the Fund upon request to the best of its ability, with compensation for the Adviser's services to be agreed upon with respect to each such occasion as it arises.
Special Services. Consulting Engineer/Architect may be called on to serve as a consultant or witness in any litigation, arbitration, legal or administrative proceeding arising out of this Project. Consulting Engineer/Architect shall not be paid extra by City if its appearance is to defend its professional Engineering/Architectural Services. Consulting Engineer/Architect shall not be paid extra by City to appear at eminent domain or appraiser's hearings necessary to acquire Easements and Right-of-Way for the Project. If Consulting Engineer/Architect is requested, in writing, by City, to appear as a general witness, it will be paid its hourly fee as reflected on the hourly rate schedule attached hereto as Exhibit B.
Special Services. The Safety Committee shall ascertain the desirability and/or necessity of providing physical and ophthalmologic examinations, immunization or other diagnostic screening of selected occupations.
Special Services. If CBT makes a notation on the Customer Service Records (“CSR”) of Customers who qualify for certain services available to physically challenged individuals (e.g., special discounts) (“Special Services”), CBT shall provide such data to CLEC on the CSR made available to CBT for its Customers. For usage by an CLEC Customer of a Telephone Relay Service, CBT will provide CLEC with all billing information furnished to CBT by the provider of the Telephone Relay Service.
Special Services. If Tenant requests any services from Landlord other than those for which Landlord is obligated under this Lease, Tenant shall make its request in writing and Landlord may elect in its sole discretion whether to provide the requested services. If Landlord provides any special services to Tenant, Landlord shall charge Tenant for such services at the prevailing rate being charged for such services by other property owners and property managers of comparable buildings in the area of the Property, and Tenant shall pay the cost of such services as Additional Rent within fifteen (15) business days after receipt of Landlord’s invoice.