STAFF MEMBERS Sample Clauses

STAFF MEMBERS. 1. The staff members shall be appointed by the Governing Board, while taking into account the recommendations made by the Executive Director in accordance with the terms and conditions as established by the Governing Board.
STAFF MEMBERS. 1. All staff members of the Department covered by this Agreement shall be credited for sick leave purposes ten (10) hours per month, or one hundred-twenty (120) working hours per year. Sick leave credits may be accumulated from year to year, if unused, without limit.
STAFF MEMBERS. (1) Staff members shall enjoy the following privileges and immunities:
STAFF MEMBERS. WESTERN EMPLOYEES: If your most recent start date of employment is on or after January 1, 1991, you must contribute 2.5% of your regular annual earnings. If you joined the plan before January 1, 1991, your contributions may be 6.0% of your regular annual earnings, reduced by your Canada Pension Plan contributions. For example, if your annual earnings are $50,000 and your Canada Pension Plan contribution is $1,496 (the 2001 limit), your contribution to the plan would be $50,000.00 multiplied by 6.0% minus $1,496, or $1,504. However, if you wish, you may reduce your contributions to 2.5% of your regular annual earnings, plus required Canada Pension Plan contribution. Note that CPP contributions are currently 4.3% of your earnings up to $38,300, and will increase to 4.95% by year 2003. If you remain in the 6.0% formula, each year you will be contributing less to the pension plan.
STAFF MEMBERS. (1) The staff members of the Foundation shall enjoy the following privileges and immunities :
STAFF MEMBERS. The LGB may appoint up to 2 persons who are employed at the Academy to serve on the LGB. In appointing such persons the LGB may invite nominations from all staff employed under a contract of employment at the Academy (excluding the Chief Executive and the Head Teacher) and, where there are any contested posts, shall hold an election by a secret ballot. All arrangements for the calling and the conduct of the election and resolution of questions as to whether any person is an eligible candidate shall be determined by the Directors but administered by the LGB. The positions held by those employed at the Academy (e.g. teaching and non teaching) may be taken into account when considering appointments.
STAFF MEMBERS. The following agreement applies only to full-time, professional Coordinators living in apartments within the residence halls. Hall Directors and Resident Assistants are not permitted to have pets on campus. These guidelines serve only as a reference point and should not be viewed as absolute. Any staff member considering the acquisition of a pet is expected to discuss this matter with the Assistant Director of Residence Life or his/her designee in advance of ownership. The Assistant Director of Residence Life has final approval for both the acquisition of and selection of a particular type of pet. Any incoming Coordinator must discuss the type of pet being brought to campus to insure that it meets policy guidelines. Pet ownership is decided on a case by case basis. NUMBER OF PETS Coordinators will be permitted to own, and have live in their apartment, fish in an aquarium. In addition, there is a limit of two (2) caged pets OR one (1) cat OR one (1) dog.