Standard Products Sample Clauses

Standard Products. This Agreement does not cover standard HP hardware and software products sold or licensed to Customer. Any such transactions will be governed by the terms of Customer's HP purchase agreement or, in the absence of a signed purchase agreement, HP's Terms add Conditions of Sale and Service (Exhibit E16).
Standard Products. All Products shall be Thales’ standard Products. Unless specifically stated in a separate written agreement between Thales and Licensee, Thales shall have no obligation to create special or customized versions of any Product, or to ensure that the Products operate with Licensee’s equipment, software, or systems. Thales reserves the right, without prior approval from or notice to Licensee, to make changes to any Product: (i) to meet published Documentation; (ii) that do not adversely affect the performance of the Product such that the functionality or performance is less than that specified in the published Documentation; or (iii) when required for purposes of safety. Thales also reserves the right to make changes to any Product without any obligation to make the same changes to Products previously ordered by or licensed to Licensee.
Standard Products. If available, and unless custom products or nonstandard options are specified, provide standard products of types that have been produced and used successfully in similar situations on other projects.
Standard Products. Buyer will provide Supplier with non-binding six (6) month rolling forecasts, updated on a monthly basis .Such forecast shall represent a good faith expectation of Buyer's anticipated needs and will be used by Supplier for manufacturing planning purposes. The Purchase Order lead time is indicated in Exhibit C. Buyer may cancel, in whole or in part, purchase orders prior to the agreed delivery date subject to a minimum prior written notice to Supplier as mentioned in Exhibit C [*]. Buyer may reschedule, in whole or in part, a Purchase Order prior to the agreed delivery date subject to a minimum prior written notice to Supplier as mentioned in Exhibit C [*].
Standard Products. No Order may be cancelled less than [**] prior to the original scheduled delivery date. Cisco or its Authorized Purchasers may, at any time at least [**] prior to the originally scheduled delivery date, cancel any Order for Standard Products, in whole or in part, or modify the delivery date set forth in any Order, subject to the requirements and limitations set forth in this Section 7. Any modified delivery date will be within [**] from the original delivery date. No Order will be treated as [**] unless agreed in writing by Cisco and Supplier. If the Order is cancelled more than [**] prior to the scheduled delivery date, Supplier may charge a fee equal to [**]% of the purchase price. Such cancellation shall be otherwise without penalty of any kind.
Standard Products. Unless otherwise indicated, provide electrical materials and equipment which are the standard products of manufacturers regularly engaged in the production of such materials and equipment. Provide the manufacturer's latest standard design that conforms to these Specifications. When two or more units of the same class of material and equipment are required, provide the products of the same manufacturer.
Standard Products. (a) the Purchase Order lead-time is [*] except as otherwise specified in Exhibit C2.
Standard Products. AltiGen shall have the right, in its sole discretion, without liability to OEM, to (a) change the Products available on the Product List, (b) change the design, or discontinue developing, producing, licensing or distributing any of the Products covered by this Agreement, and (c) announce new products to which the terms and conditions of this Agreement do not apply. AltiGen will make every effect to inform OEM of any changes in a-c, above, as well [*] - CERTAIN INFORMATION ON THIS PAGE HAS BEEN OMITTED AND FILED SEPARATELY WITH THE COMMISSION. CONFIDENTIAL TREATMENT HAS BEEN REQUESTED WITH RESPECT TO THE OMITTED PORTIONS. in advance as possible and will ensure that lines of communication are open. The parties agree that additional Products may be added to the Agreement by execution of an appendix to this Agreement setting forth any special terms, conditions, modifications or deletions necessary for the additional Products. Additional Products shall be deemed to be added to this Agreement to the extent AltiGen accepts any purchase orders for Products not otherwise listed on the Product List.