STATE AND LOCAL LAWS. Lessee is required to be aware of and compliant of local and state laws including fire safety, alcohol consumption, traffic rules and tax laws. For more information on sales tax that applies to events, please see information guides for “Sales at Special Events” at or contact the Nebraska Department of Revenue at 402-471-5870. Note that non-profits are not entirely exempt from these tax rules. DIRECTIONS Our physical location is 4100 N. 84th St., Lincoln, NE 68507. We are located off Exit 409 from Interstate 80.
STATE AND LOCAL LAWS. Buyer shall have Ten (10) calendar days following the Effective Dale to investigate State and local laws to determine whether the Property must be brought into compliance with minimum energy conservation or safety standards or similar retrofit requirements as a condition of sale or transfer and the cost thereof, and to notify Seller that Buyer approves same. If approved by Buyer, Buyer shall comply with and pay for these requirements. If Buyer fails to approve these requirements, if any, within the specified time, this Agreement shall be rendered null and void, Buyer's entire Deposit shall be returned, and Buyer and Seller shall have no further obligations hereunder.
STATE AND LOCAL LAWS. Company shall provide all services and activities performed under the terms of this Agreement in compliance with the Constitutions of the United States and Texas and with all applicable federal, state, and local orders, laws, regulations, rules, policies, and certifications governing any activities undertaken during the performance of this Agreement. Company shall meet all applicable requirements of County and City codes and ordinances, rules and regulations and permit requirements, and all necessary inspections will take place in a timely manner. Company will make all hiring decisions in compliance with the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990 and will not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, age or handicapping condition in accordance with Company’s policies.
STATE AND LOCAL LAWS. Owner or its successors and assigns shall comply with all ordinances and regulations of the State or City applicable to the Site. Owner or its successors and assigns shall comply with all rules and regulations of any assessment district of the City with jurisdiction over the Site.
STATE AND LOCAL LAWS. Within seven (7) calendar days after the Effective Date of the Agreement, Buyer shall investigate the financial condition, business prospects and prospective continued occupancy of any tenant of the Property. Buyer shall e allowed to conduct interviews of the tenants. Seller shall cooperate with Buyer and shall provide Buyer in writing with all such information in Seller’s possession, but shall not be responsible for any tenant’s refusal to provide such information. If buyer fails to unconditionally approve in writing tenant financial condition within the specified time, this Agreement shall be terminated, Buyer’s entire Deposit shall be returned, and Seller shall have no further obligations hereunder. No facts arising or first coming to Seller’s attention after Buyer’s removal of the above contingency shall relieve Buyer of its obligations under this Agreement.
STATE AND LOCAL LAWS. If local or state laws are more stringent about record retention, you must meet the more stringent requirement.
STATE AND LOCAL LAWS. The Contractor covenants and agrees that he and his agents and employees will comply with all municipal, state and federal laws, rules and regulations applicable to the business to be conducted under this agreement, and that he shall obtain all necessary permits, pay all license fees and taxes to comply therewith.