Station Sample Clauses

Station. If in stream displace 100% of SNO(s). If not in stream displace 15% of SNO(s).
Station. Monongahela, Potomac, and West Penn (the "Companies") hereby provide for the construction and operation of a steam electric generating station (the "Station") in Greene County, Pennsylvania, with 3 generating units with a nameplate capacity of approximately 500,000 kw each to be owned by the Companies as tenants in common with undivided ownership interests of Monongahela 27.5%, Potomac 20%, and West Penn 52.5% (their respective "Ownership Shares"), all as contemplated in the deed dated April 20, 1968 (the "Deed") from West Penn to Monongahela and Potomac. The provisions of this Agreement are intended, as contemplated in the Deed, to establish among the Companies more detailed provisions and procedures for carrying out the provisions of the Deed.
Station. The properties, assets and operating rights constituting a system for transmitting radio or television signals from a transmitter licensed by the FCC or, solely for purposes of the definition ofConsolidated Net Income”, any Foreign Governmental Authority with licensing authority over such Station, together with any subsystem which is ancillary to such system and including all the Stations set forth on Schedule 8.3(b) hereto.
Station. The network control signaling unit and other equipment at the Customer premises which enables the Customer to establish the communications connection and to accomplish communications through such connections.
Station. If not in stream displace 15% of SNO(s) If in stream displace 100% of MPO(s) If not in stream displace 15% of MPO(s) Displace 100% of NO(s) Exception: If at Pickering displace 30% of SNO(s) across the following streams: Unit A to Unit B and vice versa Unit A/B to Unit O and vice versa FHA to FHB and vice versa FHA/B to Unit O
Station. IDENTIFICATION The Licensee shall be responsible for the broadcast of all required station announcements and all visual or oral notices or rating symbols under Section 1.3(c). Manager shall make available to Licensee, without charge, such announcements for such purpose as requested by Licensee and shall air such announcements during the programming supplied by Manager. Required announcements shall include those announcements required by Station's role as the primary emergency alert system station for the Capital Operational Area.
Station. 2 (being retained in Station 9029, which is replacing Station 2) Two (2) sets of three (3) 600A Current Transformers (“CTs”) for Generator Protection Relay; One (1) set of three (3) 600A CTs for metering; One (1) set of three (3) 600A CTs for Generator Line Protection Relay; One (1) set of three (3) 13.8kV Voltage Transformers (“VTs”) for metering.