Such notice Sample Clauses

Such notice. If the Issuer or the Guarantor shall give any such notice to suspend the disposition of Registrable Securities or Exchange Securities, as the case may be, pursuant to a Registration Statement, each of the Issuer and the Guarantor shall use its reasonable best efforts to file and have declared effective (if an amendment) as soon as practicable an amendment or supplement to the Registration Statement and shall extend the period during which such Registration Statement shall be maintained effective pursuant to this Agreement by the number of days in the period from and including the date of the giving of such notice to and including the date when the Issuer or the Guarantor shall have made available to the Holders copies of the supplemented or amended Prospectus necessary to resume such dispositions or the Advice.
Such notice. If and to the extent that the requested amendment to any such schedule is accepted by Foothill in writing, such schedule will be deemed so amended.

Related to Such notice

CAFA Notice Pursuant to 28 U.S.C. § 1715, not later than ten (10) days after the Agreement is filed with the Court, the Settlement Administrator shall cause to be served upon the Attorneys General of each U.S. State in which Settlement Class members reside, the Attorney General of the United States, and other required government officials, notice of the proposed settlement as required by law, subject to Paragraph 5.1 below.
Company Notice The Company shall give notice (the “Offer Notice”) to each Major Investor, stating (a) its bona fide intention to sell such New Securities, (b) the number of such New Securities to be sold and (c) the price and terms, if any, upon which it proposes to sell such New Securities.
Selection Notice A Selection Notice to be effective must be:
Timely Notice Failure to timely provide such notice required by subsection (g) above shall entitle Warrantholder to retain the benefit of the applicable notice period notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in any insufficient notice received by Warrantholder. The notice period shall begin on the date Warrantholder actually receives a written notice containing all the information specified above.
Notice of Material Event The Seller shall promptly inform the Purchaser in writing of the occurrence of any of the following, in each case setting forth the details thereof and what action, if any, the Seller proposes to take with respect thereto:
Offer Notice (i) The Company shall give written notice (the “Offering Notice”) to the Purchaser and the other Forward Contract Parties stating its bona fide intention to offer the New Equity Securities and specifying the number of New Equity Securities and the material terms and conditions, including the price, pursuant to which the Company proposes to offer the New Equity Securities and the applicable pro rata share of such New Equity Securities offered to the Purchaser pursuant to such Offering Notice.
Notice to NASD In the event any person or entity (regardless of any NASD affiliation or association) is engaged to assist the Company in its search for a merger candidate or to provide any other merger and acquisition services, the Company will provide the following to the NASD and EBC prior to the consummation of the Business Combination: (i) complete details of all services and copies of agreements governing such services; and (ii) justification as to why the person or entity providing the merger and acquisition services should not be considered an "underwriter and related person" with respect to the Company's initial public offering, as such term is defined in Rule 2710 of the NASD's Conduct Rules. The Company also agrees that proper disclosure of such arrangement or potential arrangement will be made in the proxy statement which the Company will file for purposes of soliciting stockholder approval for the Business Combination.
Notice of Recall Notice of recall shall be sent by certified or registered mail to the laid off employee, and shall state the time and date on which the employee is to report back to work. It shall be the employee’s responsibility to keep the Employer notified as to his/her current mailing address. A recalled employee shall be given five (5) calendar days from receipt of notice of recall to respond to the recall. The recalled employee shall have fifteen (15) calendar days from receipt of notice of recall to report to duty. The Employer may fill the position on a temporary basis until the recalled employee can report for work providing the employee responds within the aforementioned period.
Notice to Buyer Do not sign this agreement before you read it or if it contains any blank spaces. This is a legal instrument. All pages of this contract are binding. Read both sides of all pages before signing. You are entitled to an exact copy of the agreement, school catalog, and any other papers you may sign, and are required to sign a statement acknowledging receipt of those.
Termination Notice If a Party having become entitled to do so decides to terminate this Agreement pursuant to Clause 9.2 (a) it shall issue Termination Notice setting out: