Suspending definition

Suspending a service means that we stop your service from working, but keep it in a state from which we can resume it quickly. Suspension does not affect your obligations under this agreement, and does not terminate this agreement.
Suspending a person means instructing that person to participate in no Squad activities, to stay away from Squad property, and not to identify himself as being associated with the Squad for a specific period of time or until certain conditions are met. A person on suspension may continue to attend classes as a Squad member even if those classes are held on Squad property if the person obtains permission of the President.
Suspending a service means that we stop your service from working, but keep it in a state from which we

Examples of Suspending in a sentence

Suspending implementation of the action does not affect the Commission’s right to terminate the Agreement or to terminate the participation of a beneficiary in accordance with Article II.17.3, reduce the grant or recover amounts unduly paid in accordance with Articles II.25.4 and II.26.

Suspending or removing from the team swimmers who bully does not reduce bullying behavior.

Suspending implementation of the action does not affect the Commission’s right to terminate the Agreement in accordance with Article II.17.2, reduce the grant or recover amounts unduly paid in accordance with Articles II.25.4 and II.26.

Section 14 - Suspending the effects of restrictions on the exercise of voting rights and extraordinary powers to appoint and dismiss directors, members of the supervisory board, members of the management board, chief executive officers and deputy chief executive officers Article 231-54The effects of statutory restrictions on the number of votes held by individual shareholders at general meetings, mentioned in the first paragraph of Article L.

Suspending the use of Personal Identification Number ("PIN") pads, PIN entry devices, electronic signature capture, and any other credit card receipt signature requirements to the extent such suspension is permitted by agreements with credit card companies and credit agencies.While the preceding list from the Governor's Order contains many familiar measures, it may contain additional measures not yet employed by you or your team.

Suspending G.I. intermediate channels of size 45mm, 0.9m thick with two flanges of 15mm each from the soffit at 1220mm.

Suspending diving operations if in their opinion conditions are not safe.

Suspending procedural laws and rules to facilitate a timely response.

Suspending advertising media or other loads from cranes is prohibited for safety reasons.For security reason, hanging advertising materials or other objects on cranes, work platforms and exhibits is prohibited.

Suspending and reducing weekly payments, conciliation officers’ powers for etc.

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Stop means when required, the complete cessation of movement.
Rule 462 refer to such rules under the Act.
Suspend or "suspension" means that the document or privilege suspended has been temporarily
Suspension means any revocation, denial, or withdrawal of any or all license privileges, including the privilege to apply for, purchase, or exercise the benefits conferred by any license.
Rule 415 Offering means an offering on a delayed or continuous basis pursuant to Rule 415 (or any successor rule to similar effect) promulgated under the Securities Act.
Prospectus Regulation means Regulation (EU) 2017/1129.
Rule 430B Information means the information included in any preliminary prospectus or the Prospectus or any amendment or supplement to any of the foregoing that was omitted from the Registration Statement at the time it first became effective but is deemed to be part of and included in the Registration Statement pursuant to Rule 430B.
Canadian Preliminary Prospectus means the Initial Canadian Preliminary Prospectus, as amended by the Amended and Restated Canadian Preliminary Prospectus, including the Documents Incorporated by Reference;
Registration Statement means any registration statement that covers the Registrable Securities pursuant to the provisions of this Agreement, including the Prospectus included in such registration statement, amendments (including post-effective amendments) and supplements to such registration statement, and all exhibits to and all material incorporated by reference in such registration statement.
Preliminary Prospectus Supplement has the meaning set forth in the Preliminary Statement hereto.
Preliminary Prospectus means any preliminary prospectus referred to in paragraph 1(a) above and any preliminary prospectus included in the Registration Statement at the Effective Date that omits Rule 430A Information.
Rule 462(b) Registration Statement means a registration statement and any amendments thereto filed pursuant to Rule 462(b) relating to the offering covered by the registration statement referred to in Section 1(a) hereof.
Stop Out means an instruction to close the Client's open position without the consent of the Client or any prior notice in a case of insufficient funds required for maintaining open positions.
Base Prospectus means the base prospectus referred to in paragraph 1(a) above contained in the Registration Statement at the Execution Time.
rule making ’ means agency process for formulating, amending, or repealing a rule;
430B Information means information included in a prospectus then deemed to be a part of the Registration Statement pursuant to Rule 430B(e) or retroactively deemed to be a part of the Registration Statement pursuant to Rule 430B(f).
Initial Prospectus Supplement means the prospectus supplement of the Company relating to the Securities, including the accompanying Base Prospectus, to be prepared and filed by the Company with the SEC pursuant to Rule 424(b)(5) under the Securities Act and in accordance with Section 5(a) hereof, together with all documents and information incorporated therein by reference.
Prospectus Rules means the prospectus rules of the UK Listing Authority from time to
Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) means the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission or its duly authorized representatives.
Order means an official written order issued for the supply of goods or works or the rendering of a service.
Rule 430A Information means information with respect to the Securities and the offering thereof permitted to be omitted from the Registration Statement when it becomes effective pursuant to Rule 430A.
Prospectus Directive means Directive 2003/71/EC of the European Parliament and the
Prospectus Delivery Period means such period of time after the first date of the public offering of the Shares as in the opinion of counsel for the Underwriters a prospectus relating to the Shares is required by law to be delivered (or required to be delivered but for Rule 172 under the Securities Act) in connection with sales of the Shares by any Underwriter or dealer.
U.S. Prospectus Supplement means the Canadian Prospectus Supplement, with such deletions therefrom and additions thereto as are permitted or required by Form F-10 and the Securities Act, to the U.S. Base Prospectus relating to the offering of the Placement Shares, to be filed by the Company with the Commission pursuant to General Instruction II.L of Form F-10; “U.S. Prospectuses” means the U.S. Prospectus Supplement (and any additional U.S. prospectus supplement prepared in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement and filed with the Commission in accordance with General Instruction II.L of Form F-10) together with the U.S. Base Prospectus and together with any “issuer free writing prospectus,” as defined in Rule 433 under the Securities Act (“Rule 433”) relating to the Placement Shares that (i) is required to be filed with the Commission by the Company or (ii) is exempt from filing pursuant to Rule 433(d)(5)(i), in each case in the form filed or required to be filed with the Commission or, if not required to be filed, in the form retained in the Company’s records pursuant to Rule 433(g).
Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA) means the Government Agency responsible for oversight of public procurement.
Rule 429 Rule 429 promulgated by the Commission pursuant to the Securities Act, as such rule may be amended from time to time, or any similar rule or regulation hereafter adopted by the Commission as a replacement thereto having substantially the same effect as such rule.