Systems Sample Clauses

Systems. The details of any systems work will be determined after a thorough business analysis. System's work will be billed on a time and material basis. Investors Bank provides an allowance of 10 systems hours for data extract set up and reporting extract set up. Additional hours will be billed on a time and material basis.
Systems. The computer, information technology and data processing systems, facilities and services used by the Company and Company Subsidiaries, including all Software, hardware, networks, communications facilities, platforms and related systems and services in the custody or control of the Company and Company Subsidiaries (collectively, “Systems”), are reasonably sufficient for the existing and currently anticipated future needs of the Company and Company Subsidiaries, including as to capacity, scalability and ability to process current and anticipated peak volumes in a timely manner. The Systems are in good working condition to effectively perform all computing, information technology and data processing operations necessary for the operation of the Company and Company Subsidiaries. The Company and the Company Subsidiaries have taken commercially reasonable steps and implemented commercially reasonable safeguards to protect the Systems from Contaminants. The Systems, the Company’s and Company Subsidiaries’ procedures and processes for developing, supporting and maintaining the Systems, and the applications programming interfaces, protocols, data structures, command structures and other interfaces with respect to the Systems are documented in a commercially reasonable manner that would permit persons generally skilled in the subject matter of such Systems (including applications therefor) (e.g., personnel experienced in the support of Software, maintenance of network equipment, etc.) to develop, support and maintain such Systems (including applications therefor) in accordance with industry standards and without material disruption or interruption or effect on performance. Except as set forth in Section 4.14(r) of the Disclosure Schedule, all Systems, other than Software that is duly and validly licensed to the Company and Company Subsidiaries pursuant to a valid and enforceable Contract, are owned and operated by and are under the control of Company and the Company Subsidiaries. From and after the Effective Time, the Surviving Corporation will have and be permitted to exercise the same rights (whether ownership, license or otherwise) with respect to the Systems as Company and the Company Subsidiaries would have had and been able to exercise had this Agreement and such other Contracts, documents and instruments to be executed and delivered after the date of this Agreement not been entered into and the Transactions not occurred, without the payment of any additional...
Systems. In providing the services described in Exhibit A hereto, PFPC may, pursuant to licenses or other agreements (collectively, “Third Party Agreements”) with one or more unrelated parties (collectively, “Third Party Providers”), utilize information, data, technology and systems (collectively, “Third Party Systems”) licensed or otherwise provided to PFPC by such Third Party Providers. The Fund will not disclose any information relating to Third Party Systems, and the Fund will be subject to such restrictions, limitations and indemnities with respect to use of Third Party Systems as are applicable to PFPC under Third Party Agreements.