Text Sample Clauses

Text. This Agreement shall be prepared in the Chinese language in three (3) original copies, with each involved Party holding one (1) copy hereof. Each original copy has the same legal effect.
Text. Silhouette Studio® has the ability to utilize any font that is installed on your computer. You do not need to install these fonts into the program. Silhouette Studio® will simply access all installed font files and display them for you as you go to create your desired text.
Text. The best way to format your document is to use the styles described and embedded in the template document (Authors_Template.dot) that is available on request from the TWDB. To use the Authors_Template.dot file, open it in Word (make sure *.dot is listed under Files of type) and save it as a .doc file. Advanced users can add the .dot file to their computers as a template. Make sure the formatting bar is on the desktop (to open, go to ViewToolbarsFormatting) or, to view all of the formatting at once, go to FormatStyles and Formatting and select Available Styles from the dropdown box at the bottom of the window. The formatting in the template document provides styles (such as font type, spacing, and indents) for each piece of your report. Each style is named to describe what it should be used for (for example, style names include Chapter Title, Body Text, Heading 1, References, and Figure or Table Caption). As you add to your report, use the dropdown list on the Formatting Toolbar or the list in the Styles and Formatting window to adjust the text to the correct style. The Authors_Template.dot file shows and lists the specifications for each style.
Text. This agreement has twenty-four copies with one held by each Party, having the same legal effect.
Text. 31.1 This Contract shall be executed in three (3) originals in the Georgian language and three (3) originals in the English language. The two versions shall be certified as exact translations. by a competent authorised body, and each of which shall have equal legal force and effect; provided, however, that in the case of dispute, conflict or arbitration the English version shall (after the Georgian version has been reviewed and its provisions have been discussed in good faith) control for interpretative purposes and shall be used as the authentic version to determine the rights and obligations of the Parties which shall be determined by reference solely to the English version of this Contract. [No change]
Text. The text of this Agreement herein written in the English language is the authentic text and any difficulties or uncertainties in the interpretation arising shall be resolved by reference to this text.
Text. LIFFE CONNECT® should be written in capitals and with the trademark registration symbol (®) at all times. For web sites, this only applies where LIFFE CONNECT® appears in a heading or as body text on a web page. It is not relevant for file names or directory structures. CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION REDACTED AND FILED SEPARATELY WITH THE SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION. OMITTED PORTIONS INDICATED BY [**]. Confidential Treatment Requested by CBOT Holdings, Inc. EXECUTION SCHEDULE M CHARGES