The Community Sample Clauses

The Community and Sri Lanka shall continue to grant each other most-favoured-nation treatment in their trade in accordance with the provisions of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade.
The Community. Counsellors Program shall provide in-person counselling support for all individuals living in all Points of Hire communities. Priority will be given to Inuit workers and their families. The Community Counsellors Program is an extension of the Employment Assistance Program (EAP) of the Company and will not decrease existing assistance provided by the Company.
The Community. Members, Allottees, and the United States on behalf of the Community, Members and Allottees shall not seek to increase the decreed amount of water to which they are entitled under articles V and VI of the Globe Equity Decree; provided, however, that the Community, Members, Allottees, and the United States on behalf of the Community, Members and Allottees shall be able to seek enforcement of the Globe Equity Decree. The United States shall hold such decreed rights in trust on behalf of the Community, and on behalf of the Allottees as described in section 204 of the Act.
The Community. Phelps Dodge Agreement shall be in addition to and not in substitution of the waivers and releases granted to Phelps Dodge and others pursuant to Subparagraphs 25.2, 25.3, 25.4, 25.5 and 25.6, together with Exhibits 25.2, 25.3, 25.4, 25.5 and 25.6.
The Community. Members, Allottees, and the United States on behalf of the Community, Members or Allottees shall release and discharge SRP from all obligations and liabilities for damages (other than for personal injury or for damages to personal property) claimed to have been sustained on the Reservation from Water discharged by SRP into the Drain Ditches or at any and all other locations on the Reservation at any time prior to the Enforceability Date. For purposes of this Subparagraph 16.7, damages to personal property shall not include Injury to Water Rights or Injury to Water Quality.
The Community. AcmeCity shall create the Community within AcmeCity for Stan Lee fans or may create many communities representing various Stan Lee properties (all of the communities shall be known as the "Community"). The Community is intended to provide a forum for users who desire to create personal home pages dedicated to Stan Lee characters, storylines or other Stan Lee Content (as defined herein)
The Community. Purchaser acknowledges that KDCH, as developer of the Community, has made no warranties or representations whatsoever that the plans presently envisioned for the development of the Community can or will be carried out, or that any land within the Community now owned or hereafter acquired by KDCH is or will be committed to or developed for a particular (or any) use, or if that land is once used for a particular use, that such use will continue in effect.
The Community. Development Director shall be a full time employee of the Township and shall perform all duties as required and directed by the Township Manager including, but not limited to, those stated in the attached Job Description. The Employee agrees that at all times he will, faithfully and to the best of his ability, experience and talents, perform all the duties that may be required of him. It is understood that the Employee Community Development Director shall be responsible to the Township Board through the Township Manager, or another person so designated by the Township Board.
The Community. College agrees that the Revenue Fund shall be pledged for the payment of the principal of and premium, if any, and interest on the Certificates. To the extent provided in Section 260E.3(5) of the Act, the payments required to be made by the Employer hereunder are a lien upon the Employer's business property where new jobs are created as a result of the Project until paid and have equal precedence with ordinary taxes and shall not be divested by a judicial sale. Property subject to this lien may be sold for sums due and delinquent at a tax sale, with the same forfeitures, penalties and consequences as for the nonpayment of ordinary taxes. The purchaser at any such tax sale shall obtain the property subject to the remaining payments.