The Department Sample Clauses

The Department. Unit shall post a list of part-time faculty members and course assignments by August 31, January 15 and April 30, with a copy sent at the same time to the Association.
The Department. Procedures
The Department. The Department shall require in their bid specifications for all work within the scope of Article 3 that the successful bidder, and their subcontractors of whatever tier, become bound by, and signatory to, this Agreement. It is understood that nothing in this Agreement shall be construed as limiting the sole discretion of the Department in determining which Contractor shall be awarded the contract for this Project work. It is further understood that the Department has sole discretion at any time to terminate, delay or suspend the work, in whole or part, on this Project. It is understood that all Contractors, subject to the requirements of the Department, shall be eligible to compete for contracts and subcontracts without regard to whether they are otherwise parties to an existing collective bargaining agreement.
The Department. 1. Upon execution of the Agreement, the Department will issue to the Program Administrator a VLP Approval and Take Authorization in accordance with CESA under Fish and Game Code § 2086(c).
The Department. The Department is responsible for the oversight and supervision of the SNAP pursuant to Tennessee Code Annotated § 71-5-304(5) and 7 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)
The Department. 36. The Department will pay for the satisfactory performance and eligible activity of the Provision as set out in Schedule 2 (Payments).
The Department. The Department shall terminate a sponsor’s participation in the program by written notice whenever it is determined by the Department that the Sponsor has failed to comply with the conditions of the program. The Department shall inform the Sponsor of its right to request a review of decisions made by the Department which affect the participation of a sponsor in the Program or affect the Sponsor’s claim for reimbursement. The Department and Sponsor mutually agree to comply with and meet all responsibilities and requirements set forth in 7 CFR Part 226 Child and Adult Care Food Program Regulations and 8 NMAC 2.2 The sponsor is approved to operate the Child and Adult Care Food Program EFFECTIVE: Date
The Department. School of Psychology of the University of Bologna and the Department of Psychology and Pedagogy of the National University of Ostroh Academy agree that each Department/School will provide their own members and researchers with travel and accommodation costs, depending on the effective availability of funds. During their period of stay at the host University, the faculty members and the researchers participating in the program exchange will be considered employees of the home University.