The Parties acknowledge that Sample Clauses

The Parties acknowledge that except for any information which is exempt from disclosure in accordance with the provisions of the FOIA and or the Environmental Information Regulations, the content of this Contract is not
The Parties acknowledge that. Michael Saunders & Company and its Agent (Broker/ Agent) are serving one or more of the Parties in the capacity as a Florida licensed real estate broker and sales associate, and as such the Parties agree not to ask Broker/Agent to provide legal advice to either Party nor shall any such advice be given. The Parties acknowledge that this Agreement has been provided as a courtesy to the Parties to address their concern for confidentiality, and the Parties acknowledge that it may not include every or all terms, conditions or provisions a Party may require or desire to be included. Only the Parties themselves or their legal counsel may modify this Agreement, and no modifications, additions or amendments may be prepared by the Broker or Agent. The Parties agree to indemnify and hold Broker/Agent harmless from their use of this Agreement.
The Parties acknowledge that. (a) the ORR licensing regime requires the publication of certain documents (the "Relevant Documents") in accessible formats; and (b) insofar as the obligation in paragraph 6I.1
The Parties acknowledge that. (a) A Union Steward is an Employee and has assigned work to do for the Employer.
The Parties acknowledge that. 1.1 Supplier shall process Personal Data on the Customer’s behalf to perform its obligations under this Agreement and, as such, the Customer is the Controller and Supplier is the Processor for the purposes of the Data Protection Legislation.

Related to The Parties acknowledge that

Collaboration Agreement The Company shall have duly executed and delivered to the Investor the Collaboration Agreement, and there shall have been no termination of the Collaboration Agreement that, as of the Closing, is effective.
Collaboration Each Party shall provide to the enforcing Party reasonable assistance in such enforcement, at such enforcing Party’s request and expense, including to be named in such action if required by Applicable Laws to pursue such action. The enforcing Party shall keep the other Party regularly informed of the status and progress of such enforcement efforts, shall reasonably consider the other Party’s comments on any such efforts, including determination of litigation strategy and filing of material papers to the competent court. The non-enforcing Party shall be entitled to separate representation in such matter by counsel of its own choice and at its own expense, but such Party shall at all times cooperate fully with the enforcing Party.
Development Agreement Upon execution of this Notice to Proceed, Subrecipient shall enter into a development agreement with the Project Developer (“Development Agreement”). The Development Agreement shall include a Rider to Development Agreement, substantially in the form to be provided by the Department. The Developer entity specified in section 1 above shall not be removed or substituted with a different Developer entity without the prior written consent of both the Department and Subrecipient, and the Development Agreement shall contain a provision to this effect. No Developer may be listed on any state or federal debarment list and must be in good standing with the Department and the State of California.
Manufacturing and Supply Genentech and/or its sublicensee(s) shall be responsible for, and shall bear all associated costs of, manufacturing all preclinical, clinical and commercial forms of such Lead Products, including the bulk drug substance and finished drug product forms thereof. Genentech shall keep Curis reasonably informed of manufacturing and supply related activity.
Disclosure of Contractor Parties Litigation The Contractor shall require that all Contractor Parties, as appropriate, disclose to the Contractor, to the best of their knowledge, any Claims involving the Contractor Parties that might reasonably be expected to materially adversely affect their businesses, operations, assets, properties, financial stability, business prospects or ability to Perform fully under the Contract, no later than ten (10) Days after becoming aware or after they should have become aware of any such Claims. Disclosure shall be in writing.
License Agreement The Trust shall have the non-exclusive right to use the name "AIM" to designate any current or future series of shares only so long as A I M Advisors, Inc. serves as investment manager or advisor to the Trust with respect to such series of shares.
License Agreements (a) Each Borrower and Guarantor shall (i) promptly and faithfully observe and perform all of the material terms, covenants, conditions and provisions of the material License Agreements to which it is a party to be observed and performed by it, at the times set forth therein, if any, (ii) not do, permit, suffer or refrain from doing anything that could reasonably be expected to result in a default under or breach of any of the terms of any material License Agreement, (iii) not cancel, surrender, modify, amend, waive or release any material License Agreement in any material respect or any term, provision or right of the licensee thereunder in any material respect, or consent to or permit to occur any of the foregoing; except, that, subject to Section 9.19(b) below, such Borrower or Guarantor may cancel, surrender or release any material License Agreement in the ordinary course of the business of such Borrower or Guarantor; provided, that, such Borrower or Guarantor (as the case may be) shall give Agent not less than thirty (30) days prior written notice of its intention to so cancel, surrender and release any such material License Agreement, (iv) give Agent prompt written notice of any material License Agreement entered into by such Borrower or Guarantor after the date hereof, together with a true, correct and complete copy thereof and such other information with respect thereto as Agent may request, (v) give Agent prompt written notice of any material breach of any obligation, or any default, by any party under any material License Agreement, and deliver to Agent (promptly upon the receipt thereof by such Borrower or Guarantor in the case of a notice to such Borrower or Guarantor and concurrently with the sending thereof in the case of a notice from such Borrower or Guarantor) a copy of each notice of default and every other notice and other communication received or delivered by such Borrower or Guarantor in connection with any material License Agreement which relates to the right of such Borrower or Guarantor to continue to use the property subject to such License Agreement, and (vi) furnish to Agent, promptly upon the request of Agent, such information and evidence as Agent may reasonably require from time to time concerning the observance, performance and compliance by such Borrower or Guarantor or the other party or parties thereto with the material terms, covenants or provisions of any material License Agreement.
Agreement Regarding Oral Due Diligence By participating in an Offering, each Underwriter agrees that it, each of its affiliates participating in an Offering as Underwriter or financial intermediary and each controlling person of it and each such participating affiliate are bound by the Agreement Regarding Oral Due Diligence currently in effect between Morgan Stanley and the accounting firm or firms that participate in oral due diligence in such offering.
Supply Agreement A supply agreement states the terms and conditions under which one company will manufacture and supply goods to another. A supply contract may be exclusive or non-exclusive, include standards on product quality, and should state how product orders will be handled.
Contractor Parties A Contractor’s members, directors, officers, shareholders, partners, managers, principal officers, representatives, agents, servants, consultants, employees or any one of them or any other person or entity with whom the Contractor is in privity of oral or written contract and the Contractor intends for such other person or entity to Perform under the Contract in any capacity.