The Period Sample Clauses

The Period. D. If 180 (one hundred and eighty) days passed since Notice was delivered by one party on the Notification Date (hereinafter: the "Period") and the Couple had not reached an agreement to rehabilitate the Marriage and the Marriage Counselor had not written that in the Counselor's opinion further counseling would assist the Couple in rehabilitating their marriage, then the Sender may take all actions to exercise the obligations of the other party as set forth in clause E' or F' herein, as applicable (hereinafter: the "Obligations"). If the Marriage Counselor had stated that, in the Counselor's opinion, further counseling would assist the Couple in rehabilitating their marriage - the Period shall be extended by an additional 90 days (hereinafter: the "Extended Period") and clause C (2) shall apply to the Extended Period. The Sender may, in writing, extend the Period or reduce the extension. The extension of the Period by one party shall not extend the relevant period in respect to the notice by the other party. The Couple expressly agree that:
The Period. The period of two years [minimum of 2 years] from XXX (‘the Period’) and the Landlord agrees to the Council through its agency Magna Carta Lettings having sole management rights to the Property during the Period.

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Beginning (i) no earlier than eleven (11) weeks before the expected birth date, and
Expiration of the Employment Period If Executive’s employment shall be terminated by reason of the expiration of the Employment Period as result of the Company’s non-extension, then the Company will provide Executive with the Accrued Obligations , the Prorated Bonus and continued payment of Base Salary for a period of six months in accordance with the Company’s payroll practices (the “Salary Continuation”). If Executive’s employment shall be terminated by reason of the expiration of the Employment Period as result of the Executive’s non-extension, then the Company will provide Executive with the Accrued Obligations. Thereafter, in either event, the Company shall have no further obligation to Executive or his legal representatives.
Notice Period Where this Agreement specifies a minimum period of notice to be given to the Facility Agent, the Facility Agent may, at its discretion, accept a shorter notice period.
Meal Period Employees shall receive a meal period which shall commence no less than two (2) hours nor more than five (5) hours from the beginning of the employee's regular shift or when he/she is called in to work on his/her regular day off. The meal period shall be no less than one-half (½) hour nor more than one (1) hour in duration and shall be without compensation. Should an employee be required to work in excess of five (5) continuous hours from the commencement of his/her regular shift without being provided a meal period, the employee shall be compensated two (2) times the employee's straight-time hourly rate of pay for the time worked during his/her normal meal period and be afforded a meal period at the first available opportunity during working hours without compensation.
Vacation Period (1) The Employer will endeavour to allow as many regular employees as possible to take their vacation at any time of the year. During winter shift a maximum of one (1) regular employee in each classification may take his vacation subject to Clause 18.3(d) of this Agreement.
Lease Period NRANVP hereby vests the Leased Land unto the Lessee under the terms of this Agreement for the period of lease which shall be 30 (Thirty) years initially commencing from the _____ day of _____Month 2021 and ending on___________ day of Month of year 2051 by efflux of time”, The Lease, after expiry of the initial Lease Period, shall be renewed for another two successive term of 30 years aggregating to a total of 90 (Ninety) years from the date of signing of Agreement subject to the compliance of the terms and conditions of this Agreement by the Lessee. NRANVP hereby undertakes that it shall not terminate this Agreement or refuse to extend the lease term, except upon the occurrence of event of default prescribed under this Agreement due to breach of any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement by the Lessee.
Prime Time Vacation Period (a) Subject to the provisions of this article, it is the intent of the parties that no employee shall be restricted in the time of year they choose to take their vacation entitlement. However, all employees shall be allowed to take at least four weeks of their vacation entitlement during the period May 1st to September 30th, inclusive, which shall be defined as the prime time vacation period.
Applicable Period See Section 2(b) hereof.
Evaluation Period (a) For a period ending at 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time on March 31, 2014 (as may be extended as provided in 5.1(b) below, the “Evaluation Period”), Purchaser and its authorized agents and representatives (for purposes of this Article V, the “Licensee Parties”) shall have the right, subject to the right of any Tenants, to enter upon the Real Property and Improvements at all reasonable times during normal business hours to perform an inspection, including but not limited to a Phase I environmental assessment of the Property. At least 24 hours prior to such intended entry, Purchaser will provide e-mail notice to Seller, at the e-mail addresses set forth in Article XIV below, of the intention of Purchaser or the other Licensee Parties to enter the Real Property and Improvements, and such notice shall specify the intended purpose therefor and the inspections and examinations contemplated to be made and with whom any Licensee Party will communicate. At Seller’s option, Seller may be present for any such entry and inspection. Purchaser shall not communicate with or contact any of the Tenants without notifying Seller and giving Seller the opportunity to have a representative present. Purchaser shall not communicate with or contact any of the Authorities; provided, however, that Purchaser may communicate with the township in which the Real Property is located for the sole purpose of (i) confirming whether there are any existing municipal zoning or building code violations filed against the Property, (ii) without identifying the Property, to discuss real estate tax issues affecting the township generally, and (iii) to obtain copies of previously issued certificates of occupancy. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Purchaser shall not take any action that would cause a municipal inspection to be made of the Property. During the Evaluation Period, Seller shall instruct its tax appeal counsel to answer any questions that Purchaser may have regarding the real estate taxes and the real estate tax appeals with respect to the Property. No physical testing or sampling shall be conducted during any entry by Purchaser or any Licensee Party upon the Real Property without Seller’s specific prior written consent, which consent shall not be unreasonably withheld, conditioned or delayed. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE with respect to the provisions of this Section 5.1.
Initial Period The Initial Period will begin on the date set forth above and will terminate on the earlier of (i) the Commercial Operation Date, or (ii) the Date the Agreement is terminated pursuant to the provisions of Clause 19.