To the extent Sample Clauses

To the extent. The phrase “to the extent” shall mean the degree to which a subject or other matter extends, and such phrase shall not simply mean “if”.
To the extent a Party combines Local Traffic and Jointly-Provided Switched Access Traffic on a single trunk group for indirect delivery through a tandem, the originating Party, at the terminating Party’s request, will declare quarterly Percentages of Local Use (PLUs). Such PLUs will be verifiable with either call summary records utilizing Calling Party Number (CPN) information for jurisdictionalization of traffic or call detail samples. Call detail or direct jurisdictionalization using CPN information may be exchanged in lieu of PLU, if it is available. The terminating Party should apportion per minute of use (MOU) charges appropriately.
To the extent that this paragraph 3A requires the Franchisee to undertake activities that it would otherwise be obliged to perform pursuant to paragraph 2.1 to 2.19 (other than paragraph 2.7) and 3, and there are any discrepancies between the timescales or other requirements relating to such activities between this paragraph 3A and paragraphs 2.1 to 2.19 (other than paragraph 2.7) or 3, the relevant requirements of this paragraph 3A shall take precedence over those in paragraphs 2.1 to 2.19 (other than paragraph 2.7) and 3 (as applicable).“
To the extent. The words "to the extent" when used in reference to a liability or other matter, means that the liability or other matter referred to is included in part or excluded in part, with the portion included or excluded determined based on the portion of such liability or other matter exclusively related to the subject. For example, if 40 percent of a liability is attributable to the Business, then a statement that Buyer will assume the liability "to the extent related to the operation of the Business" means that Buyer will assume 40 percent of the liability. As an additional example, if a performance obligation attributable to the Business is by its terms to be performed prior to and following the Effective Time, a statement that Buyer will assume the obligation "to the extent such obligation relates to the period from and after the Effective Time" means that Buyer will assume all liability for the performance from and after the Effective Time, and that Seller would remain liable for any failure to perform such obligations prior to the Effective Time.
To the extent. Not Superseded By The Laws Of The United States, This Amendment Shall Be Construed and Enforced in Accordance With, and the Rights of the Parties Shall Be Governed By, the Internal Laws of the State of Texas, Without Reference to Principles of Conflicts of Law. In Witness Whereof, the Corporation has caused this Amendment to be duly executed in its name and on its behalf by its proper officer thereunto duly authorized effective as of November 25, 2008. Sterling Chemicals, Inc. Kenneth M. Hale Senior Vice President and General Counsel
To the extent. Digital Express is not certified as a CLEC in each state covered by this Agreement as of the execution hereof, Digital Express may not purchase services hereunder in that state. Digital Express will notify BellSouth in writing and provide CLEC certification from the Commission when it becomes certified to operate in, as well as an effective certification to do business issued by the secretary of state or equivalent authority for, any other state covered by this Agreement. Upon receipt thereof, BellSouth will file this Agreement in that state, and Digital Express may purchase services pursuant to this Agreement in that state, subject to establishing appropriate accounts in the additional state as described in Attachment 7.
To the extent. Qencode adopts an alternative data export mechanism (including any new version of or successor to the Standard Contractual Clauses) for the transfer of EU Data not described in this DPA (“Alternative Transfer Mechanism”), the Alternative Transfer Mechanism shall apply instead of the transfer mechanisms described in this DPA (but only to the extent such Alternative Transfer Mechanism complies with applicable EU Data Protection Law and extends to the countries to which EU Data is transferred). In addition, if and to the extent that a court of competent jurisdiction or Supervisory Authority orders (for whatever reason) that the measures described in this DPA cannot be relied on to lawfully transfer EU Data (within the meaning of applicable EU Data Protection Law), Qencode may implement any additional measures or safeguards that may be reasonably required to enable the lawful transfer of EU Data.
To the extent not prohibited by a contract with the vendor of the network element sought by CLEC that contains Intellectual Property licenses, SBC-13STATE shall reveal to CLEC the name of the vendor, the Intellectual Property rights licensed to SBC-13STATE under the vendor contract and the terms of the contract (excluding cost terms). SBC- 13STATE shall, at CLEC’s request, contact the vendor to attempt to obtain permission to reveal additional contract details to CLEC.
To the extent not excluded by law The rights, duties and remedies granted or imposed under the provisions of this agreement operate to the extent not excluded by law. Sequential Page No: 326 of 350 Exhibits: Page 123 Executed as an agreement: Signed for Inc by its representative in the presence of: s/s Guillaume Poulin Witness s/s David Goldman Representative Guillaume Poulin Name (please print) David Goldman Name (please print)