To the Trust Sample Clauses

To the Trust. The Custodian is hereby authorized upon receipt of a Request for Release and Receipt of the Trust and consent thereto by the Initial Class A Certificateholder in the Form of Annex 2-C hereto, to release the Custodial Loan File in the possession of the Custodian with respect to each Loan listed on such request.
To the Trust. The Oberweis Funds 951 Ice Cream Drive, Suite 200 North Aurora, Illinois 60542 Attn: Patrick B. Joyce Executive Vice President To Sunstone: Sunstone Financial Group, Inc. 803 West Michigan Street, Suite A Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53233 Attn: Patricia K. Styles
To the Trust. To NLD: The Multi‐Strategy Growth & Income Fund Attn: President Northern Lights Distributors, LLCAttn: President 450 Wireless Boulevard 4020 South 147th Street Hauppauge, NY 11788 Omaha, NE 68137
To the Trust. To GH: Dawn Dennis Secretary AmericaFirst Quantitative Funds 80 Arkay Drive, Suite 110 Hauppauge, NY 11788 (631) 470-2682| Robert G. Roach, Jr. Garfield Holdings, LLC Managing Member c/o AmericaFirst Quantitative Funds 8150 Sierra College Boulevard Suite 290 Roseville, CA 95661 916-757-6862 With a copy to: Parker Bridgeport Thompson Hine LLP 41 S. High Street, 17th Floor Columbus, OH 43215 (614) 469-3238
To the Trust. The Subadviser hereby agrees that the Adviser may use the Subadviser's name in the Fund's marketing or advertising materials with the prior written consent of the Subadviser, which consent will not be unreasonably withheld or delayed.
To the Trust streetTRACKS(SM) SERIES TRUST Lafayette Corporate Center 2 Avenue de Lafayette Boston, MA 02111 Attention: Michael E. Gillespie Telephone: 617-662-3966 Telecopy: 617-662-3805 To the Custodian: STATE STREET BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Lafayette Corporate Center 2 Avenue de Lafayette Boston, Massachusetts 02111 Attention: Kevin F. Griffin, Senior Vice President Telephone: 617-662-2762 Telecopy: 617-662-2204 To the Adviser: STATE STREET BANK AND TRUST COMPANY 225 Franklin St. Boston, MA 02110 Attention: James Ross Telephone: 617-664-2043 Telecopy: * Such notice, instruction or other instrument shall be deemed to have been served in the case of a registered letter at the expiration of five business days after posting, in the case of cable twenty-four hours after dispatch and, in the case of telex, immediately on dispatch and if delivered outside normal business hours it shall be deemed to have been received at the next time after delivery when normal business hours commence and in the case of cable, telex or telecopy on the business day after the receipt thereof. Evidence that the notice was properly addressed, stamped and put into the post shall be conclusive evidence of posting.

Related to To the Trust

Name of the Trust The Trust created under the Trust Agreement shall have the name specified in the Series Instrument. The Trust's activities shall be conducted under the name of the Trust.
Reports to the Trust The Adviser shall prepare and furnish to the Trust such reports, statistical data and other information in such form and at such intervals as the Trust may reasonably request.
By the Trust The Trust represents and warrants that:
OF THE TRUST FUND Section 3.01 The Master Servicer To Act as Master Servicer; Special Servicer To Act as Special Servicer; Administration of the Mortgage Loans and the Serviced Companion Loans 161 Section 3.02 Liability of the Master Servicer and the Special Servicer When Sub-Servicing 167 Section 3.03 Collection of Mortgage Loan and Serviced Companion Loan Payments 167 Section 3.04 Collection of Taxes, Assessments and Similar Items; Escrow Accounts 168 Section 3.05 Collection Accounts; Gain-on-Sale Reserve Account; Distribution Accounts; Interest Reserve Account and Serviced Whole Loan Collection Accounts 171
Reports to the Trustee (a) Not later than 30 days after each Distribution Date, the Master Servicer shall, upon request, forward to the Trustee a statement, deemed to have been certified by a Servicing Officer, setting forth the status of the Collection Account maintained by the Master Servicer as of the close of business on the related Distribution Date, indicating that all distributions required by this Agreement to be made by the Master Servicer have been made (or if any required distribution has not been made by the Master Servicer, specifying the nature and status thereof) and showing, for the period covered by such statement, the aggregate of deposits into and withdrawals from the Collection Account maintained by the Master Servicer. Copies of such statement shall be provided by the Master Servicer, upon request, to the Depositor, Attention: Contract Finance, any NIMS Insurer and any Certificateholders (or by the Trustee at the Master Servicer’s expense if the Master Servicer shall fail to provide such copies to the Certificateholders (unless (i) the Master Servicer shall have failed to provide the Trustee with such statement or (ii) the Trustee shall be unaware of the Master Servicer’s failure to provide such statement)).
Title to the Trust Estate Legal title to all the Trust Estate shall be vested at all times in the Issuer as a separate legal entity.
of the Trust Agreement Subject to the terms of the Trust Agreement, the principal payable on this Class A Certificate shall be paid on each Payment Date during the term of the Trust Agreement, beginning on the Initial Payment Date. All payments of principal with respect to all of the Class A Certificates of a Series shall be made on a pro rata basis based upon the ratio that the Outstanding Principal Amount of a Class A Certificate bears to the Outstanding Principal Amount of all Class A Certificates of such Series; provided that, if as a result of such proration a portion of such principal would be less than $0.01, then such payment shall be reduced to the nearest whole cent. In addition, the Certificate Prepayment Fee Amount, if any, shall be distributed on each Payment Date to the Holders of the Class A Certificates to the extent such Class is receiving a distribution of Prepaid Principal Amount on such date. All payments of Certificate Prepayment Fee Amounts with respect to the Class A Certificates shall be made prorata based upon the ratio of the Outstanding Principal Amount of this Certificate to the Outstanding Principal Amount of Class A Certificates of this Series, provided that if as a result of such proration, a portion of such payment would be less than $0.01, then such payment shall be reduce to the nearest whole cent. The interest and principal so payable on any Payment Date will, as provided in the Trust Agreement, be paid to the Person in whose name this Certificate is registered on the Record Date for such Payment Date, which shall be the close of business on the last day of the month prior to such Payment Date (whether or not a Business Day). The principal and interest on this Certificate are payable by wire transfer in immediately available funds to the account specified in writing to the Trustee by the Person whose name appears as the Registered Holder of this Certificate on the Certificate Register received at least five (5) Business Days prior to the Record Date for the Payment Date (or if no such account is specified or if such wire fails, by check mailed by first-class mail to the Person whose name appears as the Registered Holder of this Certificate on the Certificate Register at the address of such Person as it appears on the Certificate Register), in such coin or currency of the United States of America as at the time of payment is legal tender for payment of public and private debts. Funds represented by checks returned undelivered will be held for payment to the Person entitled thereto, subject to the terms of the Trust Agreement, at the office or agency in the United States of America designated as such by the Depositor for such purpose pursuant to the Trust Agreement. The Depositor has structured the Trust Agreement and the Certificates with the intention that the Trust be treated as a partnership, with the assets of the partnership including all of the assets of the Trust Estate and the partners of the partnership being all of the Certificateholders and the Depositor. The Depositor, the Trustee, the Servicer and each Certificateholder, by acceptance of its Certificate (and any Person that is a beneficial owner of any interest in a Certificate, by virtue of such Person's acquisition of a beneficial interest therein), agree to report the transactions contemplated thereby in accordance with such stated intentions unless and until determined to the contrary by an applicable taxing authority. The property of the Trust Estate includes certain Loan Assets and certain other assets described in the Trust Agreement. The Class A Certificates of the 1999-1 Series and all other Series of Class A Certificates issued under the Trust Agreement are generally payable out of the Trust Estate pari passu among such Class A Certificateholders equally and ratably without prejudice, priority or distinction between any Class A Certificate by reason of time of issue or otherwise. The Class A Certificates are payable only out of the Trust Estate and do not represent recourse obligations of the Depositor, Allegiance Capital, LLC or any of their respective affiliates or successors. The Trust Agreement pursuant to which this Class A Certificate is issued also provides for the issuance of other Classes and Series of Certificates from time to time. Payments of interest on the Class A Certificates are senior to such payments on other Classes having a lower credit rating from the Rating Agency and are subordinate to payments of interest on any Classes having a higher credit rating form the Rating Agency. Payments of principal in the Class A Certificates are senior to payments of principal on other classes having a lower credit rating from the Rating Agency and are subordinate to such payments on any Class having a higher credit rating from the Rating Agency. Unless the Depositor exercises its Optional Termination rights, the Certificates are payable only at the time and in the manner provided in the Trust Agreement and are not redeemable or prepayable at the option of the Depositor before such time. As provided in the Trust Agreement and subject to certain limitations therein set forth, the transfer of this Certificate may be registered on the Certificate Register of the Depositor upon surrender of this Certificate for registration of transfer at the office or agency of the Depositor in the United States of America maintained for such purpose, duly endorsed by, or accompanied by a written instrument of transfer in form reasonably satisfactory to the Depositor and the Trustee and duly executed by the holder hereof or his attorney duly authorized in writing, and thereupon one or more new Class A Certificates of authorized denominations and for the same initial aggregate principal amount will be issued to the designated transferees. Prior to due presentment for registration of transfer of this Certificate, the Depositor, the Trustee and any agent of the Depositor or the Trustee shall treat the Person in whose name this Certificate is registered as the owner hereof for the purpose of receiving payment as herein provided and for all other purposes whether or not this Certificate be overdue, and neither the Depositor, the Trustee, nor any such agent shall be affected by notice to the contrary. The Holder of this Certificate, by acceptance of this Certificate, agrees that for one year and one day after it has been paid hereunder, it or any Affiliate thereof will not (without the consent of Holders holding at least 51% of all Rated Certificates, by Outstanding Principal Amount) file any involuntary petition or otherwise institute any bankruptcy, reorganization, arrangement, insolvency or liquidation proceeding or other proceeding under any federal or state bankruptcy or similar law against the Depositor. The Trust Agreement permits, with certain exceptions as therein provided, the amendment thereof and the modification of the rights and obligations of the Depositor and the rights of the Holders of the Certificates under the Trust Agreement at any time by the Depositor, the Trustee and the Servicer without the consent of the Holders of the Certificates. The Certificates are issuable only in registered form without coupons in such authorized denominations as provided in the Trust Agreement and subject to certain limitations therein set forth. This Class A Certificate and the Trust Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the internal laws of the State of New York, without regard to conflicts of laws principles. No reference herein to the Trust Agreement and no provision of this Class A Certificate or of the Trust Agreement shall alter or impair the obligation of the Trust Estate to pay the principal of and interest on this Class A Certificate, but solely from the assets of the Trust Estate at the times, place and rate, and in the coin or currency, herein prescribed.
Deposit to the Trust Account The Sponsor (at least one business day prior to the date of effectiveness of the Registration Statement or the Option Closing Date, as applicable) shall have caused the purchase price for the Private Placement Warrants to be deposited into the Trust Account so that together with the net proceeds for the Firm Securities (including the Deferred Discount), or with respect to the Optional Securities, the net proceeds from the Optional Securities (including the Deferred Discount), the Trust Account would equal the product of the number of Units sold and the public offering price per Unit as set forth on the cover of the IPO Prospectus. Notwithstanding the foregoing, in no event will the Company take any action that would result in the Company receiving proceeds from the sale of the Private Placement Warrants in excess of the sum of: (i) the amount required to satisfy the obligation in the immediately preceding sentence; (ii) the amount of the discount from the public offering price represented by the Purchase Price set forth in the last sentence of Section 2(a) of this Agreement and (iii) the amount of money to be held by the Company outside of the Trust Account, as disclosed in the Registration Statement, the Time of Sale Prospectus and the IPO Prospectus.
Notice to the Trustee If the Company elects to redeem Securities of any series pursuant to this Indenture, it shall notify the Trustee of the Redemption Date and the principal amount of Securities of such series to be redeemed. The Company shall so notify the Trustee at least 45 days before the Redemption Date (unless a shorter notice shall be satisfactory to the Trustee) by delivering to the Trustee an Officers’ Certificate stating that such redemption will comply with the provisions of this Indenture and of the Securities of such series. Any such notice may be canceled at any time prior to the mailing of such notice of such redemption to any Holder and shall thereupon be void and of no effect.
No Legal Title to Owner Trust Estate in Certificateholders The Certificateholders shall not have legal title to any part of the Owner Trust Estate. The Certificateholders shall be entitled to receive distributions with respect to their undivided ownership interest therein only in accordance with Articles V and IX. No transfer, by operation of law or otherwise, of any right, title or interest of the Certificateholders to and in their ownership interest in the Owner Trust Estate shall operate to terminate this Agreement or the trusts hereunder or entitle any transferee to an accounting or to the transfer to it of legal title to any part of the Owner Trust Estate.