Trademark Registrations Sample Clauses

Trademark Registrations. VDI shall have the right, but not the obligation, to file in the appropriate offices of countries of the Territory trademark or design applications relating to the use or proposed use by the Licensee of any of the Trademarks in connection with the Licensed Products, such filings to be made in the name of VDI or in the name of any third party selected by VDI.
Trademark Registrations. All past, present or future federal, state, local and foreign registrations of the Trademarks, all past, present and future applications for any such registrations (and any such registrations thereof upon approval of such applications), together with the right (but not the obligation) to apply for such registrations (and prosecute such applications) in the name of the Assignor or the Agent, and to take any and all actions necessary or appropriate to maintain such registrations in effect and renew and extend such registrations.
Trademark Registrations. ADC, at Packeteer's request and expense, will (a) promptly provide Packeteer with any specimens, (b) execute all applications for trademark registrations, assignments or other applicable documents, and (c) perform any other act reasonably necessary for Packeteer to secure or maintain any and all trademark rights in any country in which ADC is marketing the ADC Products in association with a Trademark. ADC's responsibilities will include complying with the formalities of local law, including, but not limited to, executing any application for registration as a registered user, executing additional license agreements suitable for recording with the appropriate authorities or providing proof of use of the trademarks in any other applicable documents.
Trademark Registrations. As promptly as practicable following the Closing, the Company shall, and shall cause members of the Company Group, to perfect and cure any procedural defects of its trademark registrations.
Trademark Registrations. Upon Closing, Seller shall sell, transfer, assign, convey and deliver, or shall cause to be sold, transferred, assigned, conveyed and delivered to Buyer, all of Seller’s rights, title and interest in and to all Trademarks used in the Business and as set forth on Attachment 2.1(c), together with (i) all common law rights to the Trademarks, (ii) the goodwill of the Business symbolized by the Trademarks, (iii) all causes of actions, claims and demands or other rights for, or arising from any infringement, dilution, unfair competition, or other violation, including past infringement, dilution, unfair competition, or other violation, of the Trademarks, and (iii) all rights corresponding thereto throughout the world (the “Trademark Registrations”).
Trademark Registrations. Owner Registration Number Date Description Cott Beverages Inc. 3,329,898 11/6/07 AFTERSHOCK Cott Beverages Inc. 1,840,794 6/21/94 ALASKAN FALLS Cott Beverages Inc. 1,856,389 9/27/94 ALASKAN FALLS & Design Cott Beverages Inc. 1,753,371 2/16/93 ALASKAN FALLS (stylized) Cott Beverages Inc. 1,776,022 6/8/93 AMERICAN CLASSIC Cott Beverages Inc. 2,926,470 2/15/05 AQUA MIST Cott Beverages Inc. 2,919,483 1/18/05 BROWN BARREL Cott Beverages Inc. 2,356,463 6/13/00 CITY CLUB Cott Beverages Inc. 1,959,704 3/5/96 CLEAR CHOICE & Design Cott Beverages Inc. 2,987,134 8/23/05 CLEAR CHOICE PREMIUM SELTZER Cott Beverages Inc. 3,336,604 11/13/07 CONDITION Owner Registration Number Date Description Cott Beverages Inc. 749,859 5/21/63 COTT Cott Beverages Inc. 3,346,151 11/27/07 COTT Cott Beverages Inc. 679,364 5/26/59 COTT (stylized) Cott Beverages Inc. 540,457 4/3/51 COTT (stylized) Cott Beverages Inc. 2,957,804 5/31/05 DAFFY DOZEN Cott Beverages Inc. 2,911,442 12/14/04 DR. DUCK Cott Beverages Inc. 2,186,730 9/1/98 DR. STRIPES Cott Beverages Inc. 2,237,271 4/6/99 DR. VESS Cott Beverages Inc. 2,650,145 11/12/02 FIRST SQUEEZE Cott Beverages Inc. 2,229,432 3/2/99 FREEDOM FROM THIRST Cott Corporation. 3,159,373 10/17/06 FRUIT MELODIES Cott Beverages Inc. 1,956,754 2/13/96 FRUIT MIST Cott Beverages Inc. 3,134,313 8/22/06 FRUIT MIST Cott Beverages Inc. 3,098,606 5/30/06 GRID IRON GRAPE Cott Beverages Inc. 3,004,801 10/4/05 HOUSE OF COTT & Design Cott Beverages Inc. 1,507,436 10/4/88 ITS’ COTT TO BE GOOD! Cott Beverages Inc. 2,261,661 7/13/99 LOTSA SUNSHINE Cott Beverages Inc. 2,285,500 10/12/99 LOTSA’ Cott Beverages Inc. 2,221,781 2/2/99 LOTSA’ COUNTRY GOLD Cott Beverages Inc. 2,093,017 9/2/97 LOTSA’ DR. POP Cott Beverages Inc. 2,717,975 5/20/03 MOUNTAIN FIZZ Cott Beverages Inc. 2,656,791 12/3/02 MOUNTAIN SHOWER Cott Beverages Inc. 2,196,482 10/13/98 MOUNTAIN STARS Cott Beverages Inc. 2,186,356 9/1/98 MOUNTAIN TWIST Cott Beverages Inc. 2,384,195 9/5/00 MOUNTAIN YELLER Cott Beverages Inc. 1,781,653 7/13/93 MR. FIZZ Cott Beverages Inc. 3,383,317 2/12/08 OOLONG JAHINI TEA Cott Beverages Inc. 3,098,607 5/30/06 PLAY MAKER Cott Beverages Inc. 3,331,023 11/6/07 RED RAIN Cott Beverages Inc. 3,129,255 8/15/06 SO CLEAR Cott Beverages Inc. 2,713,932 5/6/03 STARS & STRIPES Cott Beverages Inc. 2,495,194 10/9/01 STARS & STRIPES Cott Beverages Inc. 2,267,551 8/3/99 STARS UP Cott Beverages Inc. 1,551,198 8/8/89 SUNNY ISLE Cott Beverages Inc. 2,535,068 1/29/02 SUPER FRUIT Cott Beverages Inc. 1,486,4...
Trademark Registrations. MRI will use its good faith efforts to register the title of each Picture with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and in such foreign jurisdictions as MRI may reasonably elect. Notwithstanding the representations, warranties and covenants above, MVL acknowledges and agrees that no representations or warranties, whether express or implied are made or deemed made with respect to the Minor Characters. The representations and warranties of each of MRI and MVL shall survive the termination of this Agreement; provided, however, that the warranties and representations of the parties shall not survive and shall not be deemed to apply in the event of a termination by reason of the failure of the Conditions Precedent.
Trademark Registrations. During the Term of this Agreement, S&P FS LLC shall use its commercially reasonable efforts to maintain in full force and effect U.S. federal registrations of “Standard & Poor’s®,” “S&P®” and “S&P 500®.” CME shall reasonably cooperate with S&P FS LLC and/or Licensor, as applicable, at S&P’s expense, in the maintenance of such rights and registrations and shall do such acts and execute such instruments as are reasonably necessary and appropriate for such purposes.
Trademark Registrations. Distributor, at Konami's request, shall (a) promptly provide Konami with any specimens, (b) execute all applications for trademark registrations, assignments or other applicable documents and (c) perform any other act reasonably necessary to protect Konami Trademark rights in any country in which Distributor is marketing the Konami Products.
Trademark Registrations. Mark Reg.