Trademark Sample Clauses

Trademark. The Veribella name, logo, and all product names, company names, and other logos, unless otherwise noted, are trademarks and/or trade dress of Veribella Inc. The use or misuse of any Marks or any other materials contained on the Site, without the prior written permission of their owner, is expressly prohibited. THIRD PARTY SITES You may be transferred to online merchants or other third-party sites through links or frames from this Site. You are cautioned to read their Terms and Conditions and/or Privacy Policies before using such sites. These sites may contain information or material that is illegal, unreasonable or that some people may find inappropriate or offensive. These other sites are not under the control of the Company and are not monitored or reviewed by the Company. The inclusion of such a link or frame does not imply endorsement of this site by the Company, its advertisers or licensors, any association with its operators and is provided solely for your convenience. You agree that the Company and its licensors have no liability whatsoever from such third-party sites and your usage of them.
Trademark. Except for purposes of identification of Products or Services, no right, title, interest, or license in or to any trademark or service mark of Licensor is granted to Distributor under this Agreement. Distributor may on its business cards state that Distributor is an authorized distributor for the licensing of the Products and provision of Services of Licensor. Distributor shall not contest the validity of such marks or Licensor's exclusive ownership of them. During the term of this Agreement, Distributor shall not adopt, use, or register, whether as a corporate name, trademark, service mark or other indication of origin, any such marks, or any word or mark confusingly similar to them in any jurisdiction.
Trademark. In the event that City’s use of the Artwork creates trademark, service mark or trade dress rights in connection with the Artwork, City shall have an exclusive and irrevocable right in such trademark, service mark, or trade dress.
Trademark. GreenStar™ is a trademark of Licensor. No right, license, or interest to such trademarks is granted hereunder, and you agree that no such right, license, or interest shall be asserted by you with respect to such trademarks.
Trademark. Neither Consultant nor Owner will use each other’s name, logo or trademarks in any fashion without the express written consent of one another. Owner expressly reserves the right to approve, in advance, its name being placed on a list of representative client for distribution by Consultant.
Trademark. 2.9.1 Acorda shall market the Product in the Territory under a Trademark, whether during the Initial Period or thereafter, which Trademark will be owned by Acorda.
Trademark. Licensee hereby acknowledges that NAR is the sole and exclusive owner of the trademark rights in the collective membership marks REALTOR®, REALTORS®, REALTOR-ASSOCIATE® and the REALTORS® Logo (“NAR Marks”), and that CSRE is the sole and exclusive owner of trademark and other rights in certain marks, including “CSRE” and “Center for Specialized REALTOR® Education”. Licensee shall endeavor to assure that NAR Marks and CSRE Marks are used only in accordance with the policies and guidelines of NAR and CSRE relating to such use and, further, that NAR Marks shall never be used interchangeably with “real estate agent” or “real estate broker,” or in any context that suggests that a person may be a REALTOR® without reference to membership status in NAR. The NAR trademark policies and guidelines are: