Treat definition

Treat means to prevent, diagnose, detect, or palliate a medical condition.

Examples of Treat in a sentence

Treat the home and the property with respect, care and attention.

India is emphasizing on a five-fold strategy to curb the tide of new COVID cases –Test, Track, Treat, COVID Appropriate Behaviour, and Vaccination.

Treat your partner as a business colleague, not a dumping ground.

Indication of any immediate medical attention and special treatment needed Note to physicianTreatment: Treat according to symptoms (decontamination, vital functions), no known specific antidote.

Treat them with civility and enjoy what they present to us.Last but not least, to all of you members and also on the behalf of the GC, a big thank you for your support of our Club over the past two years.Let us now look forward to a pleasant evening and of course, the election results.Thank you very much.I would like now to call upon our General Manager to take us through the Agenda.

More Definitions of Treat

Treat means to use a manufacturing, mechanical,
Treat means to prevent, diagnose, detect, provide medical care, or palliate.
Treat or "treatment" means any method, technique, or process designed to change the physical, chemical, or biological characteristics or composition of any hazardous waste; to neutralize the waste; to recover energy or material resources from the waste; to render the waste non-hazardous or less hazardous, safer to transport, store, or dispose of, or amenable for recovery, storage, further treatment, or disposal; or to reduce the volume of the waste.
Treat. Treating” or “Treatment” shall mean the removal, reduction or dilution of CO2 in Gas.
Treat shall be defined, as applied to a waste or spent fuel, as any method, technique, or process designed to change the physical or chemical character of the waste or fuel to render it less hazardous; safer to transport, store, dispose of; or reduce in volume.
Treat means prescribe, dispense, or administer.
Treat means to administer a veterinary medicine or remedy into or on an animal;