Wage Sample Clauses

Wage. THE “EMPLOYEE” will accrue a monthly gross wage of $27,848.00 previous to the corresponding tax deductions for such amount, at the “COMPANY”’s address or in the place assigned for such matter. The previous wage includes the payment for the seventh day and the corresponding obligatory holidays, as well as the proportional part the weekly rest days, in accordance to the provisions of the Federal Labor Law, as well as additional applicable benefits, as provided by the Federal Labor Law or by specific norms applicable to the “COMPANY” due to its social activity.
Wage. 4.1. The gross monthly personal basic wage is HUF 415,000, say Four hundred and fifteen thousand Forints. The basic wage will always be paid to the Employee until the 5th day of the month following the subject month, after the deduction of the statutory taxes and contributions.
Wage. An hourly wage of $17.00 ("Wage"), which shall be payable at the times and in the manner set by the Company's standard payroll policy. Such Salary shall be reviewed one (1) month prior to the anniversary of the Commencement Date each year, and any increase in the amount under this Agreement for the twelve (12) month period following the Commencement Date anniversary date shall be determined at such time by the Board of Directors of the Company, or a compensation committee formed by the Board of Directors.
Wage. 11.1.a: Wage Schedule: Annual Review The College shall annually review the Classified wage schedule (Appendix A) in February each year, making recommendations to the president as to possible changes. Reviews shall be based on changes to the cost of living, comparable job markets and institutional resources. Recommendations will be reported to the Association Executive Team by April 1, at which time additional input from the Association will be considered. If there are approved changes, changes will be effective on July 1 of the next fiscal year.
Wage. The Officer´s basic wage and rates of overtime are set out in the attached Wage Scale, Appendix No 1. The wages are stipulated in US dollars, and the Officer´s account is kept in US dollars. Wage accrues from the day the Officer commences service on board. If he has to travel from the Philippines in order to take up service on board, basic wage accrues from the day of departure from Manila to the day when the Officer arrives at any port of international gateway in the Philippines. Each month he is on board, the Officer is entitled to payment of the remaining 20% of his basic wage after legal deductions have been made. The remaining 80% shall be paid to the beneficiary that the Officer has nominated through any authorized Philippine Bank, and shall be available no later than the 10th of the immediate succeeding month. Overtime remuneration shall be paid out on board, ref. to Article 10 below concerning fixed monthly wages. The rate of exchange for conversion of US dollars into Philippine currency shall be the buying rate of exchange indicated in the credit advice of the local authorized Philippine Bank. The allotment to be paid out on board should be paid out in cash and may be paid out in the port state currency. The Officer will be entitled to a seniority allowance according to the wage scale in appendix No 1:
Wage. In respect of his full-time work at the Company, the employee will be entitled to a gross monthly wage of NIS 21,000 (“the basic wage”) and starting on March 1, 2015, he shall be entitled to a gross monthly wage of NIS 23,000. In the framework of his work, the employee will receive a vehicle equivalent to a Mazda 6 or similar at the request of the employee and subject to approval of the CEO, for use at work. The employee will be entitled at the end of each 12 months to a bonus of up to two monthly wages at the discretion of the CEO and the attainment of targets which shall be determined.
Wage. Full-time, part-time, and limited time employees shall be compensated in accordance with the wage scale set forth as Table “A” below, which reflects the wage increases described in this Section 6.2. Thus, beginning with the first pay period following May 31, 2014, each such employee will receive an across the board increase of two percent (2.0%). Beginning with the first pay period following May 31, 2015, each such employee will receive an across the board increase of two percent (2.0%). Beginning with the first pay period following May 31, 2016, each such employee shall receive an across the board increase of two percent (2.0%). Upon each such increase, the employee shall move to the step of the salary scale that corresponds with her/his years of credited experience as a Registered Nurse. TABLE OF WAGE SCALE ATTACHED