With respect to Sample Clauses

With respect to. Master Recordings of The Artist licensed to third parties on a flat-fee basis, conditioned upon The Artist's full and faithful performance of all of the terms and conditions hereunder, The Record Company shall pay to The Artist fifty percent (50%) of the net amount received by The Record Company under each such license. With respect to Master Recordings of The Artist licensed to third parties on a royalty basis, and with respect to Phonograph recordings (including Albums, 12" singles, 45 rpm singles, mini-discs, cassette singles and any other configurations embodying Master Recordings of The Artist) released through a Distributor selected by The Record Company, conditioned upon The Artist's full and faithful performance of all of the terms and conditions hereunder, The Record Company shall pay to The Artist the lesser of (A) fifty percent (50%) of The Record Company's net earned royalty receipts under each such license or Distribution Agreement, or (B) one-half (1/2) of the "Basic Album Rate" or "Basic Singles Rate" (as detailed in paragraphs 12(b)(i) and (ii), below), as the case may be. For the purposes of this paragraph, the term "net amount" or "net earned royalty receipts" shall mean the gross royalties and advances received by The Record Company from the third part licensee or Distributor less all recording costs, any and all advances, royalties payable to the producer of the Master Recordings, video production costs, promotion and publicity expenses, payments to third parties in connection with a the exploitation of rights, copyright fees, union fund payments (including so-called "re-use" payments), and any other costs or expenses incurred by The Record Company which are directly related to the production, promotion, or exploitation of the Master Recordings hereunder.
With respect to. International Convention on the Control of Harmful Anti-fouling Systems on ShipsApplicable to: Passenger ships and cargo ships, with gross tonnage of 400 and above. Scope: • Surveys in accordance with the “International Convention on the Control of Harmful Anti-Fouling Systems on Ships, 2001” (Res.MEPC.195(61)). Related to: • Issuance of the International Anti-Fouling System Certificate (IAFC) in accordance with Norwegian Regulation of 30 May 2012 No. 488 concerning environmental safety on ship and mobile offshore units § 17 implementing EU Regulation 782/2003/EC as amended.‌
With respect to. (A) any fee interest in any real property having a value (together with improvements thereof) of at least $1,000,000 acquired after the Closing Date by the Borrower or any of its Restricted Subsidiaries (other than any such real property subject to a Lien expressly permitted by Section 7.3(g)),
With respect to. Unscheduled inspections RO shall, as part of the authorisation according to this Annex of the Agreement, carry out unscheduled inspections, as considered appropriate, on board ships to which this authorisation applies. With regard to selection of ships, extent of inspection, reporting, fees etc., RO shall carry out unscheduled inspections as per separate instructions detailed in Instructions to Class issued by the NMA. RO shall carry out unscheduled inspections, additional surveys and verifications whenever instructed by the NMA.
With respect to any Disposal provided for in this Agreement, the relevant Disponor shall be obligated to obtain any applicable official and other permits and approvals such as antitrust or merger control clearance or permits under foreign trade law before entering into a binding agreement on a Disposal or, to the extent legally permissible, before closing a Disposal and to comply with the provisions of the U.S. securities laws and regulations, NASDAQ and any other applicable securities regulations. The Parties shall at any time use their best efforts to seek to implement and achieve the objectives of this Agreement, shall support each other in doing so and shall keep each other adequately informed. 2nd Supplement to the ShareholdersAgreement between Federal Investor, dievini, DH and DH-LT Execution Version 7 Amendment to Section 13.2
With respect to a Beneficiary who is entitled to receive a distribution after the death of a Participant, "Applicable Life Expectancy" shall mean the life expectancy of the Beneficiary calculated using the return multiples specified in Section 1.72-9 of the Treasury Regulations as of the Beneficiary's birth date in the calendar year in which distributions are required to commence, and reduced by one for each subsequent calendar year. If the Beneficiary is the Participant's Spouse, he or she may elect, prior to the time distributions are required to commence, to have his or her life expectancy recalculated annually. If a Spouse so elects, his or her life expectancy for each subsequent calendar year shall be determined as of his or her birth date in such calendar year.
With respect to. Article 9: Regarding the arbitration referred to in paragraph (7) of Article 9, the Arbitral Tribunal shall be established as follows:
With respect to. Article 9, Paragraph 2 of this Agreement: In the event that both Contracting Parties are signatories to the Convention on the Settlement of Investment Disputes between States and Nationals of Other States done at Washington on 18 March 1965, the dispute referred to in article 9, may be submitted at the request of the investor, the International Centre for the Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID), established pursuant to the Convention. Done in the city of Havana on 8 July 1998, in Portuguese and Spanish languages, both texts of the same terms and legal force. For the Portuguese Republic: Jaime Gama, Minister of Foreign Affairs.