WORK JURISDICTION. 4.01 It is agreed by the parties to this Agreement that all work specified in Article 4, shall be performed exclusively by Elevator Constructor Mechanics and Elevator Constructor Helpers in the employ of the Employers.
WORK JURISDICTION. 2.01 The Employer recognizes the Union work jurisdiction shall include that work which has been historically or traditionally or contractually assigned to members of the Labourers' International Union of North America in the tending of Masons including unloading, mixing, handling and conveying of all materials used by Masons, including refractory by any mode or method; all work involved in the tear out of refractory materials up to the point of any required toothing; including the use of skid steer loaders and remote controlled Brokk type equipment; the unloading, erecting, dismantling, moving and adjustment of all types of scaffolding; all work in connection with the fabrication and installation of weather protection including final fastening; and the construction and dismantling of grout and castable formwork; the starting, stopping, 77 fuelling, oiling, cleaning, operating and maintenance of all mixers, compressors, mortar pumps, concrete and grout pumps, fork lifts, man and/or material lifts including, but not limited to scissor lifts, zoom boom, telescopic or otherwise, platforms, tuggers and other devices under the direction of the Employer or his representative and application of waterproofing.
WORK JURISDICTION. 35.01 All work performed under this Agreement in connection with field fabrication, handling, racking, sorting, cutting, bending, hoisting, placing, burning, welding, and tying of reinforcing steel and wire mesh used to reinforce concrete construction, including handling and installation of all post-tensioning materials, including stressing and grouting thereof, loading and unloading by hand and carrying to designated points adjacent to or upon the site of the project on which such materials are to be used. To facilitate the employer, where reinforcing ironworkers employed by the employer are not on the site, unloading by hand and carrying may be performed by others.
WORK JURISDICTION. 23.01 The Company and the Union agree that any decision as to whether a job is within or without the bargaining unit for which the Union is certified rests with the Labour Relations Board. Where any situation arises where either the Company or the Union wishes to obtain a clarification of the status of a job pertaining to its being within or without the bargaining unit, the matter shall be the subject of discussion between the parties. Such discussions will also include matters pertaining to the most practical bargaining unit for any particular job, the status of which may be in doubt. In any instance regarding the above, the Company and the Union may either jointly or singly apply to the Labour Relations Board for a decision in any particular case or cases.
WORK JURISDICTION. 4.01 This jurisdiction shall apply to all assembling, erection and/or installation, dismantling, reconditioning, adjustment, alterations, repairing and servicing of all Sheet Metal work of No. 10 U.S. or its equivalent or lighter gauges, primarily in the field of Sheeting, Cladding, Decking and Fabrication and installation of Flashing and associated work.
WORK JURISDICTION. Duties normally performed by employees within the bargaining unit will not be assigned to or be performed by non-bargaining unit personnel except in emergencies when bargaining unit employees capable of performing the work are not available. In such emergency situations, where the period of assignment is longer than two (2) weeks duration, the Corporation will notify the Union when work traditionally performed exclusively by bargaining unit employees is being performed by exempt employees. It is recognized by the parties under this clause that Corporation operations necessitate the utilization of non-bargaining unit personnel and they may continue to be used to the same extent they are now used. The Corporation will not transfer to non-bargaining unit employees those functions (which do not qualify for exemption under the Labour Relations Code) which have been performed exclusively by bargaining unit employees. Nothing in this Article shall be construed as a contractual definition of “employee” which is different from the definition of “employee” in the Labour Relations Code.
WORK JURISDICTION. The work jurisdiction covered by this Agreement shall include that work which has historically, traditionally, or contractually been assigned to members of the Union. It is the responsibility of the Employer to inform show management and exhibitors of the following work jurisdiction and, upon request, provide the Union a copy of the jurisdiction from the show kit for each show. This Agreement covers all employees performing carpentry work covered by this Agreement, including, but not limited to: