Work Performed Sample Clauses

Work Performed. 1.3.1 None other than employees covered by this Agreement shall be permitted to serve the trade in the cutting and sales of meat in meat departments or meat markets, except during the lunch period in markets where only one (1) journeyman is on duty, said lunch period not to exceed one (1) hour in length.
Work Performed. Required to manufacture, modify, or repair any type of Sheet Metal or component, structure, use all types of Sheet Metal fabricating equipment, lay-out and develop parts of irregular shape and curvature, tooling, such as drill jigs, form blocks, etc., as well as the manufacture of such tooling. Required to assist in the development of modifications and repairs and prepare preliminary sketches of such work. Certify work within the scope of his/her issued inspection authority (ICA holder only).
Work Performed. Multiple, concurrent task orders; CEQA compliance; biological and cultural resources surveys and monitoring; environmental technical studies; document peer review Contract Value: $198,390 (billed to date) over three contracts Padre Dam Municipal Water District As-Needed Environmental Consulting Services HELIX has provided highly responsive as-needed environmental consulting services to Padre Dam Municipal Water District since 2011. HELIX has worked closely with the district to determine the necessary scope of environmental services (e.g., reviewing to determine potential applicability of CEQA exemptions) for each project. Tasks have spanned a wide variety of the district’s needs, with representative examples described below. Padre Dam Facilities Master Plan. The Facilities Master Plan contains a phased CIP that is guiding the implementation of potable water, recycled water, and wastewater system improvement projects needed to meet potable and recycled water demands and wastewater flow conditions through 2020 (near term) and 2040 (long term). HELIX prepared a Program EIR for the Facilities Master Plan that analyzed a range of environmental issues, including aesthetics, air quality, biological resources, cultural resources, GHG emissions, hydrology, and noise. Where appropriate, programmatic mitigation measures were prescribed to address impacts that have the potential to have a significant adverse impact on the environment. The Program EIR has streamlined the district’s CEQA review of its CIP projects.
Work Performed. XRoads’ work for the Company will be performed on a “level-of-effortbasis; that is, the depth of our analyses and extent of our authentication of the information on which our advice to the Company will be predicated, may be limited in some respects due to the extent and sufficiency of available information, time constraints dictated by the circumstances of the Engagement, and other factors. Moreover, XRoads does not contemplate examining any such information in accordance with generally accepted auditing or attestation standards. Rather, it is understood that XRoads may rely on information disclosed or supplied to us by employees and representatives of the Company without audit or other detailed verification of its accuracy and validity.
Work Performed. None other than employees covered by this Agreement shall be permitted to serve the trade in the cutting and sales of meat in meat departments or meat markets, except during the lunch period in markets where only one (1) journeyman is on duty, said lunch period not to exceed one (1) hour in length. This clause shall not apply to the owners of the meat markets. No one shall be considered a partner or working owner unless he has a substantial proprietary interest in the market. The Union shall have jurisdiction over all meats that are not cut or prepared for immediate human consumption, including package items of fresh, frozen and smoked meats, fresh or frozen fish, poultry and rabbits. Except as set forth below, it is agreed that all fresh unfrozen meat shall be cut, prepared, fabricated and wrapped on the premises. With regard to beef, veal, lamb, and/or pork in carcass form, it is agreed that an exception will be made and the same may be broken down into primal cuts such as rounds, ribs, chucks, plates and loins and subprimal cuts off the premises, but said primal cuts and subprimal cuts shall be reduced to retail cuts on the premises. It is further agreed that: Lamb, offal, beef rib bones, short ribs, neck bones, shanks, and stew beef need not be cut on the premises. All fresh pork (not to exceed 50% of the gross pork tonnage per store) need not be cut on the premises. With regard to presliced bacon, dissected and prefabricated fowls, ground beef and pork sausage in casings, fish and/or rabbits, along with all seasoned and/or smoked meats, frozen meats, or combination of such meat products, whether in bulk or package form, need not be cut on the premises but all the above products, along with fresh, frozen, or smoked sausages, shall be handled, displayed, dispensed and offered for sale by employees covered by this Agreement.
Work Performed. An Employee shall be credited with one Hour of Service for each hour for which he is paid, or entitled to payment, by an Affiliated Company for the performance of duties for such company.
Work Performed. City will be the sole judge of the work needed to be performed to complete this Agreement, including but not limited to, the work to be performed, the contractors or subcontractors hired to do the work, the engineer hired, the construction methods used, the location of the work, equipment used, the quality of the work, and the selection of the materials and supplies to be used.
Work Performed. CONTRACTOR hereby agrees to furnish all services, labor, materials, equipment and other items reasonably necessary to complete the work described below at the Project (“Work”). ☐ As provided in attached Scope of Work incorporated herein. Scope of Work is to be determined in the event of a loss and agreed upon by Contractor and Customer. Contractor shall perform the Work in accordance with (a) the terms and provisions of this Agreement with its attachments and the ITB with its attachments, exhibits and the awarded contract (collectively referenced as “Agreement Documents”) (b) best industry standards and practices; and (c) Customer’s requirements to maximize the potential for payment of claims and reimbursement of expenses. Contractor agrees to perform Work within the time set forth in the Critical Path Projection Schedule set forth and attached. However, Customer and Contractor agree that the Critical Path Projection Schedule will not be required for all projects and shall be agreed upon at the time of loss if needed. Contractor agrees that if a Critical Path Projection Schedule is required all times and deadlines set forth in that attachment are material terms to this Agreement and that, accordingly, time is of the essence. By executing this Agreement, Customer hereby authorizes Contractor to commence Work immediately, unless a different commencement date is provided here:
Work Performed. No work has been performed or is in progress at, and no materials have been furnished to, the Demised Premises on behalf of Lilien or Lilien Corp. that have not been paid for or will not be paid for in full by Lilien and Lilien Corp. prior to the Closing Date. No special or general assessments have been levied, or to the Knowledge of Seller, threatened, against all or any part of the Demised Premises, except as set forth in Schedule 3.16(e) of the Lilien Disclosure Schedule.