WORK STOPPAGES. Matters subject to the procedures of this Article shall be settled and resolved in the manner provided herein. During the term of this Agreement, there shall be no cessation or stoppage of work, lockout, picketing or boycotts, except that this limitation shall not be binding upon either party hereto if the other party refuses to perform any obligation under this Article or refuses or fails to abide by, accept or perform a decision or award of an arbitrator.
WORK STOPPAGES. It shall be a violation of this Agreement for the Union to engage in a strike or work stoppage against the State of Maryland. The Union shall forfeit its status as the exclusive representative of employees in this bargaining unit if the Union engages in a strike or work stoppage against the State of Maryland.
WORK STOPPAGES. If any work on the Real Property other than Tenant Work is delayed, stopped or otherwise affected by construction of Tenant Work, Tenant shall immediately take those actions necessary or desirable to eliminate such delay, stoppage or effect on work on the Real Property other than Tenant Work.
WORK STOPPAGES. During the lifetime of this Agreement the Employer and the Union agree that there will be no strike, and the Employer agrees that he will not cause a lock out. The parties further agree that they will not threaten to take any of the action which, under the provisions of this Article, they have expressly agreed they will not take.
WORK STOPPAGES. 20.61 A work stoppage by any local(s) in violation of Sec- tion 11.1 as defined herein shall disqualify all registered men in the port(s) affected from payment under the PGP in the pay- roll week(s) that the violation occurs.
WORK STOPPAGES. 1. The Union agrees that, under no circumstances, shall there be any work stoppages, strike, sympathy strike, safety strike, jurisdictional dispute, walkout, sit-down, stay-in or any other concerted failure or refusal to perform assigned work for any reason whatsoever, or picketing in the furtherance of any of the above-prohibited activities. Further, no on-duty bargaining unit personnel shall refuse to cross any picket line at any location, whether the picketing is being engaged in by the Union or any other employee organization or union, nor shall any off-duty bargaining unit personnel refuse to cross any picket line if it would cause either to stop or delay the employee from reporting to work and/or it in any way hinders or prevents an employee from carrying out the job duties.
WORK STOPPAGES. Please describe all Project-related work stoppages from that occurred since the previous report. Please describe the effect of work stoppages on the Project schedule.