Worker Sample Clauses

Worker. The term "Worker" as used herein shall mean any person without regard to age, race, creed, color, sex or national origin who is in the labor market.
Worker. In this Agreement, the term “Worker” or “
Worker a person who has a labour contract with the operator, and due to the Hungarian laws and job description, which are written in the labour contract is performing his work in the Visit dormitory, which is operated by the Visit Group Hungary Kft.
Worker. 7.1.1 Work in a safe and healthy manner
Worker. An employee who has the ability and qualifications to perform the work involved on track, right of way. buildings, and bridges. Such employee must be capable of performing the following basic work and, in addition, may be required to the work of any of the specific trades shown in Article under the direction a track such as oiling and/or de- icing changing rails, tie plates, etc., including the handling of power tools when required; and painting, surface preparation, erection of scaffolding and the handling of associated materials, etc. ; and rough carpentry not requiring working from drawings or blueprints. Rates of Pay The basic rates of pay for regular employees working in the following classifications shall be; CLASSIFICATION RATES OF PAY Jan. '87 (per Jan. '88 (per Maintenance Foreman Maintenance Worker t year 2nd year thereafter 'A Maintenance Worker may, based on his experience and qualifications in his trade (as per Article and who is not involved in track maintenance work as and when required, be allowed the full basic rate of his position, plus qualification pay. Qualificatio n A Worker holding a valid provincial permit or provincial certificate as a welder, carpenter, or plumber, and who is capable of working as such, will. be entitled to a qualification pay of one dollar and twenty- five cents per hour for each of the trades. irrespective of the work to which assigned. A Maintenance Worker who is qualified and is assigned to operate heavy equipment w i l l entitled to a qualification pay or' one dollar per hour for each hour so assigned. Employees whose regularly assigned shifts commence between hours and hours shall receive a shift differential or" thirty- five (35) cents per hour, and employees whose regularly assigned shifts commence between hours hours shall receive a shift of forty (40) cents per hour. not be calculated on the nor shall the shift differential be paid for paid absence from duty as vacation, general holidays, etc. temporarily assigned to higher- rated positions shall receive the higher rates while occupying such positions. Employees temporarily assigned to positions shall have their rates reduced. When additional positions or are created, OF there is a question as to to the application of Article compensation shall be fixed by mutual agreement.

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Workers’ Compensation Statutory Benefits (Coverage A) Statutory Employers Liability (Coverage B) $1,000,000 Each Accident $1,000,000 Disease/Employee $1,000,000 Disease/Policy Limit Workers’ Compensation policy must include under Item 3.A. on the information page of the workers’ compensation policy the state in which work is to be performed for A&M System. Workers’ compensation insurance is required, and no “alternative” forms of insurance will be permitted
Worker’s Compensation Leave 22.1 Employees who suffer a work related injury or illness that is compensable under the state worker’s compensation law may select time loss compensation exclusively, leave payment exclusively or a combination of time loss compensation and accrued paid leave.
Unemployment The Board, under the Kansas Employment Law, shall provide unemployment compensation for all eligible employees.
Workers’ Compensation Coverage Consultant shall maintain Workers’ Compensation Insurance and Employer’s Liability Insurance for his/her employees in accordance with the laws of the State of California. In addition, Consultant shall require each subcontractor to similarly maintain Workers’ Compensation Insurance and Employer’s Liability Insurance in accordance with the laws of the State of California for all of the subcontractor’s employees. Any notice of cancellation of all Workers’ Compensation policies must be received by City at least thirty (30) days prior to such change. Consultant shall provide thirty (30) days written notice of nonrenewal of any Workers’ Compensation policies. The insurer shall agree to waive all rights of subrogation against City, its officers, agents, employees and volunteers for losses arising from work performed by Consultant for City.
Coordination with Workers' Compensation When an employee has incurred an on-the- job injury or an on-the-job disability and has filed a claim for workers' compensation, medical costs connected with the injury or disability shall be paid by the employee's health plan, pursuant to M.S. 176.191, Subdivision 3.
Retraining 25.8.1 Where a skill shortage is identified, the Employer may offer a surplus employee retraining to meet that skill shortage with financial assistance up to the maintenance of full salary plus appropriate training expenses. It may not be practical to offer retraining to some employees identified as surplus. The Employer needs to make decisions on the basis of cost, the availability of appropriate training schemes and the suitability of individuals for retraining.
Immigration In accordance with the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, employment under this Agreement is conditioned upon satisfactory proof of your identity and legal ability to work in the United States.
Workers’ Compensation Claims The Responding Member is responsible for providing worker’s compensation benefits and ad- ministering worker’s compensation for its employees. The Requesting Member is responsi- ble for providing worker’s compensation benefits and administering worker’s compensation for its employees.
Labor Harmony The parties acknowledge that it is of the utmost importance to City, Tenant, and all those occupying or to occupy space in the Domestic and International Terminals that there be no interruption in the progress of the construction work. Accordingly, City and Tenant agree as follows:
WORKERS' COMPENSATION BENEFITS In accordance with Section 142 of the State Finance Law, this contract shall be void and of no force and effect unless the Contractor shall provide and maintain coverage during the life of this contract for the benefit of such employees as are required to be covered by the provisions of the Workers' Compensation Law.