XXXX Sample Clauses

XXXX. On this day the permission to use expires. Any further use after the agreed last day of permissible use shall represent a violation of the right of use.
XXXX. The Bank Guarantee for Quality and Timely Execution of the IC should be prepared in complete compliance with the submitted appendix of the respective RFB which is the basis for conclusion of this IC. Amendments to the appendix by the Seller without prior approval of the US shall not be considered valid. The Bank Guarantee for Quality and Timely Execution of the IC shall be submitted within 7 business days from IC conclusion. If the Seller fails to submit the Bank Guarantee for Quality and Timely Execution of the IC within the set- out deadline, the Buyer shall terminate the IC and activate/collect the guarantee, i.e. retain the deposit submitted as bid security. All expenses/commissions incurred in relation to the submission of the bank guarantees for quality and timely execution of the IC shall be covered by the Seller. The Bank Guarantee for Quality and Timely Execution of the IC shall be returned to the Seller on the day after its expiry date. The Bank Guarantee for Quality and Timely Execution of the IC may be activated by the Seller in the event of non- fulfillment of the obligations pertaining to this IC and the concluded FC. Buyer shall secure a Parental Company Guarantee from EVN Makedonija AD, Skopje in the amount of EUR XXX.XXX and submit it at the time of IC conclusion.
XXXX. Publisher shall not authorize its Authorized Replicators to begin production until such time as XXXX . Depending upon Publisher’s credit worthiness, Microsoft may, but is not obligated to, offer Publisher credit terms for the payment of royalties due under this Agreement within XXXX of receipt of invoice. All payments will be made by wire transfer only, in accordance with the payment instructions set forth in the Xbox 360 Publisher Guide.
XXXX. 2.3. The Parties agree to act in common pursuit of the aims and objectives which shall be implemented by ensuring:
XXXX. 3.3 The results of the Research, including the Research Report and an interactive website, will be handed over in an electronic form on a CD, or in a manner making distant access possible.
XXXX. 4) a final report covering the whole duration of the action, accompanied by a summary financial statement (forms to use specified in Annexes V and VI) must be submitted no later than 60 calendar days after the end date of the action set out in Article I.2.
XXXX. 3.2. the roles and responsibilities of CoGTA are to:
XXXX. For purposes of this Section, Bank acknowledges and agrees that, with respect to its chargeback rights under Sections 9(a)(ix) and 9(a)(x) in connection with any Account application the information for which was provided over the telephone or through the Internet, so long as Retailer followed any applicable Operating Procedures with respect to the completion of such application, Bank's chargeback rights shall be subject to the Uncontrollable Fraud provisions of this Section notwithstanding that Retailer cannot provide to Bank a copy of such application. [Portions of this Section have been omitted pursuant to a request for confidentiality under Rule 24b-2 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended. The confidential portions of this Section that have been omitted are marked with “XXXX”. A copy of this Exhibit with all sections intact has been filed separately with the Securities and Exchange Commission.]
XXXX. This CMAR Agreement is made and executed in five originals between the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority, hereafter designated as "CPRA,” and , hereafter designated as the "CMAR Contractor." CPRA did advertise for, receive, and accept a Proposal from the CMAR Contractor for work on a CPRA CMAR project identified as the Mid-Barataria Sediment Diversion Project, CPRA Project No. BA-0153. The CMAR Contractor's submission is evidenced by a copy of the Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) incorporated herein as part of the Contract Documents defined hereafter. In consideration of the agreements herein contained, to be performed by the parties hereto and of the payments hereafter agreed to be made, it is mutually agreed by both parties that:
XXXX. 2.2. The objectives of this Protocol are to: